Wednesday, November 29, 2023

He Built Brands for Snoop and Diddy. Now Aubrey Flynn’s Streetwear Is Supporting Young Entrepreneurs.


Goals Supply is more than just a streetwear brand; it’s aiming to lift up entrepreneurs in new and exciting ways.

After 15 years working with A-listers you undoubtedly have heard of — Charles Barkley, Snoop Dogg, and Diddy, just to name a few — Aubrey Flynn has recently launched his own sustainable and ethically-minded streetwear brand, Goals Supply.

At first glance, the Goals Supply collection looks like just another collection of stylish streetwear. There are joggers and hoodies, t-shirts, and footwear. But a deeper look reveals QR codes embedded in the clothing. They lead the wearer to a range of entrepreneurial tech tools that Flynn says allows them the opportunity to grow their own business, on their own terms, with little investment.

The label is aiming to be a one-size-fits-all resource for the up-and-coming entrepreneurs turning their side hustles into seven-figure businesses. Flynn sees a future driven by independent entrepreneurs and novel tech; he’s moving Goals toward web3 services that will integrate AI and a digital asset exchange further building on the e-commerce move into the metaverse.

aubrey flynn
Aubrey Flynn | Courtesy Goals Supply

We caught up with Flynn over email to learn more about the Goals Supply mission.

Ethos: How did you come up with the idea to integrate business training into streetwear?

AF: I came up with the idea to integrate business training into streetwear because I always wanted to do something in a more creative space like fashion and I always looked at fashion like art. When I was transitioning from my role as Chief Digital Officer at Revolt, I wanted to transition into the media world by developing a product that people would use. I wanted to package all the learning and insights I had after working with influencers like Diddy and brands like Ciroc. Goals Supply is the first brand of its kind, and I was able to take the best of both worlds and give this as a gift to young entrepreneurs. It’s innovative and I challenged myself to do something no one else is doing and disrupt categories. 

Ethos: Are the services you link to free to use? 

AF: Goals offers premium products and services to its audience which is young, hungry, and sometimes underserved, and access to everything is free, with the option to upgrade based on individuals’ needs. Tech stuff can be overwhelming so I am trying to simplify it. We are providing users access to the network and insights, which invites them to join the Goals community of more than 550 brands currently. From there, you can access a complimentary demo, which offers users everything from social, to search, to customer relationship management and social media. On top of that, we also provide content and strategy that is complimentary and use AI to scan your website to compare your business. There are a variety of premium upgrades that we offer from website design, customer relationship management, SEO, and more. We take all the digital marketing tools and put them in one place for users to see all their analytics. A real concierge person is available 24/7 through the Goals app. 

Ethos: What type of feedback have you received from wearers about the tools’ access?

AF: The feedback we have gotten since launching has been extraordinary, as it is all about the user experience. The people we have in our network have unanimously given us 5-star reviews. It is my goal to make sure the Goals community is engaged and exchanging value in and amongst our members. 

Ethos: Why is supporting entrepreneurs important?

AF: The greatest thing about entrepreneurship is you can leave a six-figure job and build a seven-figure business. When I was working for Diddy, I was a six-figure executive. I had the corner office next to him and had a great job, but needed a new challenge. On a larger scale, there is a wealth gap in the U.S. and I believe entrepreneurship can help solve these issues.

Goals Supply is supporting young entrepreneurs | Courtesy

There is a lack of value creation in underserved communities in the country and over 90 percent of the workforce is employed by small businesses. If we can create opportunities for these small businesses, they can generate more income, circulate the dollar more, and provide more job opportunities in that area.  

Ethos: GOALS stands for ‘get over all limits successfully’ – what are some of the biggest limits you see people struggling with? Why did you name the company GOALS?

AF: The biggest limitation I see people struggling with is regardless of how hard you work in corporate America, somebody can still come and eradicate your livelihood. There is somebody somewhere who has worked at a job for 9-10 years, have helped senior leadership make millions, they have no equity and their job is at stake. Regardless of loyalty, talent, skill, etc., they can still get fired and sent home with two-weeks’ notice, let alone a six-month severance. 

Another limitation I see is more of a financial literacy — you have to let go of the six-figure salary to get to the seven-figure business. Prejudice in society requires people that are not necessarily part of the larger cultural fit to find innovative ways to provide for themselves, their communities, and families. Overall, people are fed up with the corporate system, have a lack of understanding on how to run a business successfully, and are trying to navigate their financial freedom which is why my company, Goals Supply allows entrepreneurs to get over all limits successfully.

Ethos: What’s your biggest advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs? 

AF: I have two pieces of advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. 

1: When you look at the big picture, you have to realize that done is better than perfect; it’s not about getting it right the first time. The majority of people are afraid of failing and not hitting the mark the first time. Done is better than perfect and things will get better as you grow and hone your craft.

goals supply
Goals Supply will be introducing web3 tech to its app | Courtesy

2: You have to keep going because a quitter will never win when up against the person who tries at it again and again. It is so important to keep going even when it gets tough. If I gave up in year one, I would never be where I am today.   

Ethos: Can you talk about the products – why was using sustainable materials important?

AF: Using sustainable materials is important to Goals Supply because we live in a world where we need to be more conscious of how our businesses are affecting the well-being of our societies and our ecosystems. I am big on responsibility and the world has a ton of clothes already. When I chose to bring my line of clothing into the fashion market, I wanted to introduce something that was more useful while still being mindful about the labor that goes into these garments. It is extremely important to me to be responsible as a creator and do everything I can to make this world a better place with more conscious and environmentally friendly options.

Ethos: The Goals Supply site also features wellness products – can you speak to why that’s a priority for the brand? 

AF: The wellness products are a priority for the brand mainly because after spending over a decade in the media and advertising industry, I saw how real burnout is especially for executives and entrepreneurs. You work long hours, skip meals, and do just about everything else except take care of yourself. I am big into wellness and for Goals, I wanted to promote work-life balance because I meditate, exercise and eat organic foods every day in order to be successful. I am now paying it forward to give entrepreneurs products to go to the gym, work out, or head into the office in order to have a successful work-life balance. 

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