Monday, October 2, 2023

Avocado Green Aims to Make Fashion and Beauty As Sustainable As It Made Mattresses


In an effort to bring its sustainability ethos to as many consumers as possible, the Avocado Green Brands company—best known for its eco mattresses—is launching into the clean beauty and organic apparel industries.

Launching skincare and clothing may seem like a stretch for a mattress brand, but the company says it is first and foremost a company focused on environmental and social responsibility. The products are just the means to get there.

“At its core, AGB is a platform to advocate for social and environmental responsibility,” Avocado Founder and CMO Mark Abrials said in a statement. “By growing into the responsible fashion and beauty spaces, we believe we can be a greater force for good. Our Hass and Reed + Gwen products, like our line at Avocado, speak for themselves — they’re the ultimate in quality and sustainability.” 

The two new ventures—Hass apparel and Reed + Gen skincare—are built around the same ethos AGB uses for its mattresses. The company says just as it raised the bar in bedding, it can now do the same for beauty and fashion. Both companies are climate-neutral certified for net-zero emissions with verified offsets. The brands have also achieved B Corp status.

Reed + Gwen is positioned to set a new standard for sustainable beauty, according to AGB. The products are all plant-based and cruelty-free and made with little or no water. The brand says the range, which includes a body melt, scrub, bath soak, and body oil, are “radically sustainable” and “obsessively safe.” All products are free from synthetic fragrances and represent what AGB says represents “the pinnacle of nature and science.” It’s also donating one percent of all revenue to Water For People in a collaboration to improve drinking water access to communities in need.

“Fighting the climate crisis is at the heart of Avocado’s mission.”

– Avocado’s executive producer Christina Thompson

Hass is building its apparel ethos around natural, organic, and innovative materials. It’s also incorporating non-toxic dyes, and producing in Global Organic Textile Standard certified facilities in Los Angeles. This, the company says, “ensures social responsibility at every step of the supply chain.” Hass says this makes it an exemplary fashion industry model better for its suppliers, factory workers, customers, and the planet. The company has partnered with City Harvest and Food Forward to donate meals with every purchase.

Earlier this month, the company launched an eight-part podcast, “A Little Green.” Hosted by Avocado’s executive producer Christina Thompson who explores her personal impact on the environment and ways to mitigate her footprint.

“Fighting the climate crisis is at the heart of Avocado’s mission. We produced ‘A Little Green’ to connect with our community on a deeper, actionable way,” Thompson said. “After working on this podcast, and speaking with those on the forefront of the climate movement, I’ve never been more hopeful for our future. We have the tools, and we have the solutions — and there’s so much opportunity out there. Our goal is for people to listen and become invigorated about the role we all play in fighting the climate crisis.”

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