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There Are 1,300 Ingredients Banned From Bella Hadid’s New Clean Fragrance Line Orebella


The latest celebrity fragrance line comes from Bella Hadid — a clean, essential oil-based and gender-neutral perfume in three scents and a ban on 1,300 harmful ingredients.

Supermodel Bella Hadid’s decade-long battle with Lyme disease sparked her interest in wellness products and she’s addressing fragrance sensitivity with her first line of clean fragrances called Orebella. According to the Orebella website, the label bans more than 1,300 ingredients, including alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, all of which have health risks, according to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

The new fragrance range is also a reflection of Hadid’s Arabic roots; her father is Palestinian. The line includes three scents: “Window2Soul,” a floral fragrance; “Salted Muse,” a woody scent; and “Blooming Fire,” a tropical blend, each designed to be genderless and adaptable to the wearer’s skin pH.

The fragrances come after Hadid’s extensive personal involvement in the creative process, highlighting her transition from the fashion industry to entrepreneurship in beauty. “These scents are nostalgic to the experiences that my mother and father gave me as a child,” Hadid said in a statement. “I’d close my eyes and smell moments of my childhood or high school; bringing me back to that place and making me feel safe, happy, and excited about life.”

Orebella perfumes.
Orebella perfumes | Courtesy

The brand name is rooted in the model’s own as well. “I woke up in the middle of the night a couple of years ago and it came to me, ‘Orebella;’ I was like, ‘This is the company name.’ I thought about the phonetic spelling of aura and how we could make it different. The phonetic spelling of aura is O-R-E, with the upside-down E. My last name, ‘Hadid,’ means ‘iron’ and an ‘ore’ is what you use to get iron out of the ground. There were so many different things that started to click.” Hadid, 27, has infused her products with a unique “bi-phase” formula that requires shaking before use to mix its distinct layers of snow mushroom, a blend of oils, essential oils, and fine fragrances.

Michelle Pfeiffer with Henry Rose perfumes.
Michelle Pfeiffer with Henry Rose perfumes | Photo courtesy Henry Rose

With Orebella, Hadid joins a growing roster of clean-label fragrances. The formulas, which are cruelty-free, clean, and vegan, ban approximately 1,300 ingredients, following in the footsteps of another celebrity-backed clean fragrance label, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Henry Rose. Pfeiffer, like Hadid, was driven by health reasons to formulate a clean fragrance line that was safe for her children to be around. Henry Rose is the first fragrance label to become Environmental Working Group verified. It also earned Cradle to Cradle certification for sustainability. Hadid’s Orebella also offers alcohol-free and hydrating solutions, with plant-based essential oils and guarantees strict commitments to responsibly sourcing all materials.

Jen Batchelor and Bella Hadid of Kin Euphorics.
Jen Batchelor (left) and Bella Hadid (right) of Kin Euphorics | Courtesy

Also like Pfeiffer, Hadid’s Orebella fragrances are gender-neutral. “I want people to feel unique when they wear it and for the product to be like a second skin,” the supermodel said. Hadid also touched on finding a signature scent and to handle critics. “If somebody doesn’t like the way that you smell, ‘F-ck them.’ If you want to mix all the scents together, do that. It’s important for me that people walk in their own uniqueness.”

The launch of Orebella builds on Hadid’s wellness portfolio. In 2021, she joined the botanical-based zero-ABV company Kin Euphorics as co-founder. “If I’m going to work, I want to do it for somebody that, which I still do in fashion, really trust and support. I felt compelled and called to do it,” Hadid, told WWD earlier this year.

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