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With These Upcycled Bags, Carry Sustainability Around With Your Other Necessities


From purses and crossbody bags to backpacks and tote bags, these upcycled bags are made from repurposed waste.

When it comes to being a conscious fashion consumer, you don’t have to give up your handbag addiction altogether. Case in point: upcycled bags.

The renowned late designer Vivienne Westwood said it best: “Buy less, choose well, and make it last.” So the next time you want to add a new bag to your wardrobe, treat yourself—just do it sustainably with upcycled bags.

Making upcycled bags

Shopping vintage or at secondhand shops is an easy, often affordable, and responsible way to eschew fast fashion while still snagging a Carrie Bradshaw-approved statement piece. You can also reduce your closet’s environmental impact by rounding out your sustainable outfit with a purse made from repurposed waste. 

Through the process of upcycling, brands are giving worn clothing, accessories, or other items — which would otherwise go to waste — a second chance by revamping them into fresh, new products. Call it “re-styling,” if you will. 

scrap leather
Scrap leather | Courtesy Coachtopia

A fundamental design principle for circular fashion, upcycling helps to ensure the garment or accessory is used for as long as possible — reducing the amount of fashion waste that winds up in landfills and the number of unsustainable materials needed to make new fashion pieces.

There are no regulations on the term “upcycled” and brands can and often do include upcycled materials alongside other sustainable, and sometimes virgin, materials.

Upcycling goes viral

The act of turning used wares into new pieces has been around for decades. 

Upcycling was depicted in the 1939 historical romance film Gone with the Wind. The protagonist Scarlett O’Hara (who is in dire need of money) rips green drapes from the wall to make a couture, hoop-skirted dress. And during World War II, the British resorted to upcycling after clothing rationing was implemented in 1941.

Although upcycling is nothing new, it certainly got a boost amid the pandemic. As fabric mills were shuttered amid lockdown measures, designers around the world like Alexander McQueen, Proenza Schouler, and Dolce & Gabbana turned to deadstock, or leftover fabrics, to create their new collections. 

“The lockdown reminded us that we could creatively reuse what we had by transforming it and that everything can last forever,” Stefano Gabbana told Bazaar.

During the pandemic, upcycling also became a viral fashion trend on e-commerce sites like Etsy and social media apps like TikTok. A quick search for the hashtag “upcycling” on the latter — a platform that’s largely used by Gen Z, a generation that’s spearheading sustainability in fashion — returns a myriad of innovative videos (which have garnered more than 7.6 billion views) on how to turn used fashion pieces into new pieces.

The best upcycled bags to shop

Out with the old and in with the new. Well, sort of. Let’s call it the new to you. From purses and crossbody bags to backpacks and tote bags, carry your love for the planet around with these upcycled bags made from repurposed waste like seatbelts, fire hoses, and sails.

Coachtopia bag
Coachtopia, the sustainable spin-off from Coach is aiming to be fully built by upcycled or sustainable materials. | Courtesy

1. Coachtopia

The trendy Coach spin-off beloved by Gen Z hit the market earlier this year with a bang. The label is focused on upcycling materials as part of its mission to transition the fashion industry to a circular economy. The label works to adhere to Made Circular principles in order to lower the carbon footprint of its products compared to those made by conventional methods. With a range of styles and designs, there’s something for everyone.

Stella McCartney Bananatex bag

2. Stella McCartney

McCartney brings sustainability to all of her designs — bags no exception. While some get the vegan leather treatment, others are produced from materials like Econyl, recycled polyester made from waste fabrics and fishing nets removed from the oceans. Some are made from upcycled agriculture waste, like Bananatex, the world’s first durable, waterproof, and plastic-free fabric made purely from banana plants.

Elvis & Kresse clutch bag made from fire hose and Burberry offcuts.
Elvis & Kresse clutch bag made from fire hose and Burberry offcuts | Photo courtesy Elvis & Kresse

3. Elvis & Kresse

Over the last 15 years, Elvis & Kresse have turned every decommissioned fire hose in the U.K. into gorgeous upcycled bags. From travel bags to totes and crossbodies, the range has something for all your needs — most definitely a guilt-free conscience.


4. Prada

Like Stella McCartney, Prada also uses upcycled Econyl nylon in many of its bags. Econyl’s appearance and texture are indistinguishable from conventional nylon, making it an excellent stand-in with top-notch performance and versatility. Since Econyl can be broken down and upcycled repeatedly, it offers significant CO2 reductions and endless design options.

Parks project tote

5. Parks Projects

Help preserve parklands with an upcycled tote bag made from windbreaker jackets and cotton canvas. The colorful bag is perfect for carrying all of your day-to-day essentials.

nixon bag

6. Nixon’s Repreve Our Oceans Collection

Nixon is the first U.S. brand to use Repreve Our Ocean’s fibers made from ocean-bound plastic bottles. Each bag uses as many as 20 plastic bottles intercepted before they can make it to the oceans. The new range includes totes, daypacks, travel bags, convertible duffels—perfect for road trips, school, beach outings, the gym or yoga, and more.

Atacz Twist bag in mustard yellow.
Photo courtesy Atacz

7. Atacz

You wouldn’t know it to look at them, but the Atacz bags used to be plastic bottles. From totes to the Twist and the Bazzar bags, these cuties are perfect for your farmers market haul, brunch-casual vibes, and even date night. Each batch of the performance fabric is made from approximately 8,000 plastic bottles, helping keep single-use plastic out of oceans and landfills. So swing that bag proudly!

harveys bag

8. Harvey’s

Seatbelts turned crossbody bags? We’ll take two of each. Based in sunny Southern California, this company has been turning seatbelt scraps into the likes of clutches and totes since 1997. Featuring a classic woven pattern and plenty of pockets, the Plaza Tote is sure to make any outfit pop. 

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