Monday, December 4, 2023

Campion Platt to Design Sustainable Luxury Furniture Collection for House of Ecologie


The award-winning architect and interior designer Campion Platt has been chosen to design a sustainable luxury furniture collection for House of Ecologie, a sustainable furniture and home goods brand.

The capsule collection will use a new generation of advanced recycled materials, with Ecogensus, a global sustainable resources technology company, supplying the proprietary materials.

House of Ecologie founder and CEO Bjørnulf Østvik launched the company to demonstrate the value of waste-derived lumber, with the Eco-Table, the brand’s first product.

The “wood” boards for the Eco-Table are made from average U.S. household solid waste, which includes food and yard organics. Ecogensus’ Rhino Recycler is used for materials processing and compression molding techniques, and the lumber can be worked using standard woodworking tools.

Campion Platt
Campion Platt | Courtesy

The House of Ecologie – Campion Platt collaboration will feature handcrafted pieces to complement the modern, functional home, guided by Ecogensus’ commitment to prioritizing the well-being of people and the planet.

Platt is the principal of the award-winning New York interior design firm that has become a leader in boutique hotel design and is renowned for its highly customized interiors. He has designed eco-collections for HBF Textiles and Jim Thompson, and his holistic approach to design has led him to consult on several planned resort communities in recent years, as well as spawn textile, carpet, and furniture collections.

Platt has crafted homes for celebrity clients, including Al Pacino and Meg Ryan, and also co-developed glamorous hotels such as the Mercer in Manhattan and the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Platt’s understanding of the commitment to waste reduction and the circular economy, along with his unique fusion of luxury and contemporary design, will lead to a successful collection for the House of Ecologie.

“When I was first approached to design luxury furniture from garbage, I got excited and thought, finally. The genius of repurposing our daily refuse to make bespoke furniture captured my environmental spirit in this otherwise throw-a-way world.

Ecogensus is solving real-world waste management problems at scale in other areas of their business, but together we have now focused on making beautiful objects for the home from purified materials, like a lotus that blossoms from muddy water,” Platt said in a statement.

The House of Ecologie’s commitment to preventing deforestation means that the furniture pieces utilize proprietary waste-derived advanced composite materials in lieu of wood and also incorporate other recovered and recycled materials.

House of Ecologie
House of Ecologie | Courtesy

The furniture brand is committed to being a good steward of the planet, with unique designs and handcrafted pieces that feature in a modern design. House of Ecologie CEO Østvik is confident that the collaboration with Platt will help establish the company as an authority in sustainable design.

“Campion is a recognized leader in combining sustainability and excellence in design. I am confident that Campion’s deep understanding of our commitment to waste reduction and the circular economy, along with his unique fusion of luxury and contemporary design, will lead not just to a successful collection for the House but help establish us as an authority in sustainable design,” said Østvik.

The House of Ecologie is an homage to Ecogensus (Ecologically Generating Sustainable resources), while also capturing the feeling of the European fashion houses. Ecogensus is an advanced technology company focused on delivering sustainable waste management solutions to customers around the world. The company’s mission addresses public health, environmental, and national security objectives.

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