Sunday, June 4, 2023

Citizen’s New Eco-Friendly Watch Collection Is Inspired By Lily of the Valley Flowers


Ahead of Earth Month, Citizen US has launched its latest collection of sustainable watches, the Citizen L Mae.

The new Citizen collection comprises two timepieces that draw inspiration from the May bell flower, also known as Lily of the Valley, exuding what the watchmaker says is “elegance, purity, and style.”

Citizen L Mae

Citizen L Mae collection includes two models, the EM1060-52N stainless steel and EM1062-57D gold-tone. Both models have four diamonds at the 3 o’clock position on the case. The collection represents a high-end approach to accessorizing, offering consumers an eco-conscious and stylish option.

The new collection builds on the watchmaker’s ongoing sustainability commitments. The Citizen L brand has been committed to sustainability since 2016, offering elegant designs that “reflect the beauty of nature.”

Citizen L Mae KV watches
Citizen L Mae KV watches | Courtesy

All models within the Citizen L Mae collection feature light-powered Eco-Drive technology, which eliminates the need for regular battery changes, thus reducing the environmental impact of discarded batteries. According to the company, its Eco-Drive tech keeps enough watch batteries out of landfills to stack up to the height of Mount Everest every year.

Eco-Drive technology

The Eco-Drive technology has been a prime example of the brand’s efforts to make the world and its environment a better place. The technology harnesses the power of light from any natural or artificial source, eliminating the need for battery replacements.

The brand is focused on using sustainable materials wherever possible, further demonstrating its efforts to produce sustainable watches that prioritize care for people and the planet.

Citizen, a pioneer in watchmaking and innovation, has promoted excellence and creativity since its inception in 1918.

“For over 100 years, since before sustainability even existed as a concept, our goal has always been to win people’s love and support. That’s why we chose the name Citizen and that’s what inspired us to create and cultivate our watches,” the company explains on its website.

‘Better Starts Now’

The brand’s deep-rooted respect for craftsmanship, advocates for “Better Starts Now,” striving to achieve goals that foster positive change. Citizen has been an early advocate for environmental consciousness, launching the first light-powered watches with proprietary Eco-Drive technology in 1976, making eco-mindfulness a core value of the company.

Citizen Watch
Citizen Watches are made with Eco-Drive technology | Courtesy

Citizen has since developed a robust portfolio of eco-conscious and high-performance watches that cater to all audiences, from professional-grade, sport-inspired designs with advanced functions to sophisticated, timeless silhouettes that are beautiful as well as collectible. The brand’s accessible pricing and diverse range of products demonstrate Citizen’s commitment to making eco-conscious options available to all consumers.

Part of Citizen’s sustainability commitments include a number of global programs that demonstrate its ongoing pledge to support greater environmental responsibility. The Citizen Group Environmental Vision 2050 is a blueprint for realizing a sustainable future: “By the year 2050, Citizen plans to achieve CO2 zero-emissions substantively from plants and offices, as well as to keep CO2 emission throughout the value chain to levels that make it possible to constrain global warming,” the company says.

In 2021, Citizen launched its Sustainable Management Plan with the goal to increase corporate value by expanding business operations “while also considering environmental and social issues,” the company says. “In order to become a company close to and loved by citizens the world over, Citizen will continue to create products and services that cater to changes in society and to exercise due care and diligence in its procurement and production processes.”

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