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Lose and Find Yourself In 3,000 Acres of Jungle at the Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo


Four Seasons is bringing preservation and celebration to more than 3,000 acres of oceanside jungle on Mexico’s Pacific coast with the new Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo.

Set to open before the end of the year, the Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo says it’s now accepting reservations. The location, which sits on a private peninsula off Mexico´s Pacific Coast in Jalisco, is “qqually committed to preservation of the natural landscape, celebration of its country’s deep heritage, and providing the ultimate luxury travel experience,” the resort says.

“In Tamarindo, we are creating a new resort experience that is deeply connected both physically and spiritually with its surroundings,” Vince Parrotta, Four Seasons President, Hotel Operations – Americas West, said in a statement. “Working closely with our visionary owner partners and myriad local and regional designers and artisans, we are offering something entirely new. To put it simply, if you think you know Mexico, you haven’t been to Tamarindo.”

The new resort features 157 accommodations with private pools, access to four restaurants and bars, a golf course, and a “transformative spa and wellness experience.”

four seasons hotel
Courtesy Four Seasons Naviva Resort

According to Four Seasons, only 2 percent of the surrounding nature reserve will be developed.

“We are dedicated to the concept of ‘rewilding,’ enabling the Earth’s natural rhythms to flourish and nature to recover its balance,” says the Resort’s General Manager Felix Murillo. “Everything we are doing is guided by this ethos, and it is our hope that our guests will form a deep connection both to the land and the coastline, and that in doing so they can recover their own balance and leave inspired and energized.”

The property will feature an on-site farm, Rancho Ortega, and a Discovery Centre, which aims to introduce guests to the surrounding jungle and community. The resort says the centre is a starting point for guests to engage in the natural cycles of the region “from ocean to jungle across the Reserve.”

On-site biologists introduce guests to the local biodiversity, which includes hundreds of species of wildlife including 70 endemic species.

“In Tamarindo, we are showcasing the very best of what this destination has to offer in an unmatched natural oceanside setting,” says Pedro Verea Hernandez, CEO of Paralelo 19, the owners of Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México. “We are thrilled to work with Four Seasons in bringing this vision to life.”

Tanteo agave field
Tanteo agave field | Courtesy

The property’s on-site chef’s gardens offer Four Seasons guests a zero-mile dining experience, the resrort says. Under the direction of the Four Seasons Culinary Director Nicolás Piatti, the menus feature indigenous and newly introduced plants. The Rancho Ortega farm will also serve as a study centre for rare species, sustainable farming, and creative culinary exploration.

“We have a flock of egg-producing chickens roaming the farm now, and there are 17 varieties of fruit trees already producing pomegranates, figs, cocoa, guava and more,” notes Chef Piatti.

“And we are particularly excited at the progress of more than 8,500 agave azul plants we are cultivating here at the Resort with the blessing of Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council,” he smiles.

Jalisco is best known as the home of tequila, making it one of Mexico’s most important economic regions, but according to Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, Governor of Jalisco, it’s also one of the most culturally important states in the country.

“We are proud to welcome visitors of the state to Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, a resort that represents the best in Mexican talent and celebrates Jalisco’s rich land, people and traditions,” Ramirez says.

four seasons hotel
Courtesy Four Seasons Navia Resort

The resort is also a celebration of Mexican architects and designers. Victor Legorreta and Mauricio Rocha—two of the country’s greatest contemporary architects—joined forces as LegoRocha for this project. The property is rich with pre-Hispanic culture as well as contemporary Mexican design including items produced through philanthropic alliances.

The new resort launch follows the Four Season’s February announcement of another nature-immersed property—the Naviva Resort near Puerta Vallarta. That location features a tented property with bespoke guest curriculums and a “live naturally,” mission.

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