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Luxe and Cool: The Best Eco Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day gift giving, but make it as good for the planet as Dad’s been to you with these eco gift ideas.

As the world becomes increasingly attuned to the importance of sustainability embracing eco-conscious gifting is not merely a trend but a reflection of a deeper ethos — a testament to our dedication to preserving the planet for future generations.

These gifts often emphasize superior craftsmanship, enduring quality, and an inherent respect for the environment. They are crafted with intention, designed to be treasured for years, and created with the smallest possible ecological footprint. By opting for sustainable options, you can help Dad be a champion of ethical production practices, reducing waste, and supporting businesses that prioritize the health of our planet.

Father’s Day gift ideas

In choosing a sustainable gift for your father, consider his passions and interests. Whether he is an aficionado of fine cuisine, an outdoor enthusiast, or a connoisseur of bespoke experiences, there are eco-friendly gifts that cater to every taste. From items made of recycled or upcycled materials to those that promote energy efficiency, the array of sustainable options is both vast and impressive.

The ultimate gift: Current’s Dual Zone Electric Grill

We’re not one to pigeonhole anyone, but let’s be honest: dads and grills go together like moms and enameled cookware. And when Dad sees the world’s first high-power, fast-heating electric grill out to make gas grilling obsolete, he’s going to be a changed man. This grill has a max temperature of 700°F for ultimate searing performance. This state-of-the-art electric grill is ready to cook in as little as ten minutes, is Wi-Fi-enabled, and will give Dad lots to talk about at the next cookout. Grab 15 percent off all assembly and haul-away services. Use code CURRENT15 at scheduling

Why Dad will love it: It’s a grill and it’s hi-tech.

Current Grill
Courtesy Current

The world traveler: Horizn Studios luggage

Crafted with German engineering and made from 97 percent recycled polycarbonate and a 100 percent recycled interior, Horizn Studios’ RE Series hard shell luggage diverts post-consumer waste like CDs from landfills, reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 72 percent. A team of engineers and designers carefully build and test Horizn’s sustainable products with the greatest attention to quality standards. That’s why every piece comes with a lifetime warranty.

Why Dad will love it: The hard shell, the eco-engineering, and the lifetime warranty.

Horizn suitcase.
Photo courtesy Horizn

The wine lover: High Camp Flasks Parskide Flask

Whether camping, picnicking, or tailgating, Dad can leave the glass and plastic behind with the Parkside Flask. This gorgeous 3-piece 750 mL wine set fits a full bottle and will hold the temperature for up to 24 hours, so even the finest vintages will retain their flavor. No need for a cooler. The tumblers are inspired by stemless wine glasses for an at-home drinking experience you can take anywhere.

Why Dad will love it: “It’s so cool!” He’ll love the design, the integrated tumblers, and the temperature control.

Parkside Flask.
Photo courtesy High Camp Flasks

The utilitarian: Tumbler Knife Sharpening Kit

Unlock the secret to perpetually sharp knives with the Tumbler Starter Set. This all-in-one kit includes our legendary Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener™, a sleek leather strop, sturdy Tumbler holder and 8 inch utility knife all neatly packed in a stylish storage box. Designed for the modern chef, this set not only sharpens but also protects your tools in style. Plus, snagging this set scores you an unbeatable deal. Sharpen like a pro, save like a boss, and slice with pride – that’s the Tumbler promise.

Why Dad will love it: Dads are doers. They like to be useful and active and this fun kit lets them be both.

Tumbler knife sharpening kit.
Courtesy Tumbler

The style maker: Alex Crane x Bananatex board shorts

How stylish will Dad look in the world’s first plastic-free board shorts made from Bananatex’s biodegradable banana fiber? With New York’s Alex Crane signature “breezy” style, these sustainable swim trunks are sure to be loved for years to come.

Why Dad will love it: Number one, he probably hasn’t upgraded his swim trunks since before you were born. And number two, he will love telling everyone his trunks were once banana fibers.

Alex Crane blue board shorts made from Banantex fiber.
Photo courtesy Alex Crane

The foodie: Meal Ticket by Chef Aaron Elliott

For Dads (in Los Angeles) who consider themselves healthy yet adventurous eaters, a week’s worth of farmers market fresh plant-based meals from chef Aaron Elliott’s Meal Ticket may be a fun choice. This super exclusive lottery only accepts ten customers a week, so you’ll have to be quick with the sign up, but it’ll be worth it!

Why Dad will love it: Whether Dad is the cook in the house or he’ll be giving someone else a break, he’ll swoon over the delicious meals and the cool factor of knowing only nine other families in LA are having the same meal.

Chef Aaron Elliott prepping food.
Chef Aaron Elliott prepping food for Meal Ticket | Courtesy

The comfiest: One Golden Thread 3-pack crew neck tees

One Golden Thread’s signature fabric is as silky as it is responsible. Made from regenerative beech tree fibers and ethically sourced long-staple cotton, wearing OGT clothing is a visceral experience Dad will love — especially if he spends his days in suits and ties. Help him unwind, feel good, and look great — all while doing good for the planet, too.

Why Dad will love it: Not only does the fabric feel like a second skin, but Dad will love how he looks in these eco threads, too.

One Golden Thread crew neck t-shirts.
Photo courtesy One Golden Thread

The game lover: Eleven Madison Park’s limited-edition playing cards

This deck of premium playing cards from Eleven Madison Home features original watercolor illustrations by Chef Daniel Humm of New York’s Eleven Madison, showcasing a different specialty Eleven Madison Park ingredient. Pair it with the Eleven Madison Home’s Chef Pantry box featuring condiments, sauces, and pantry staples ($155), the Everyday Drinkers Wine Club ($125), or The Bar Box ($105)

Why Dad will love it: Fact: Dads and card games are almost as epic a pair as Dads and grills.

Eleven Madison Home playing cards.
Photo courtesy Eleven Madison Home

The techie: Urbanista Phoenix Earphones

These earbuds recharge with sunlight (direct or indirect). They’ll hold a charge forever, too and provide clear, crisp sound — whether Dad loves listening to true crime podcasts, Taylor Swift, and anything in between. These headphones are an Ethos favorite.

Why Dad will love it: Tech gadget that runs on solar? Made for Dads.

Urbanista solar earphones.
Photo courtesy Urbanista

The runner: SpiBelt

Is Dad a runner? He’ll love this easy-to-wear lightweight Spibelt that will allow him to carry keys, credit cards, and his phone while out for a jog. Made from recycled plastic water bottles, scraps, fabric, and elastic, this belt is more than a place for essentials, it’s responsible Dad bragging rights, too.

Why Dad will love it: “It’s so lightweight!”

Spibelt eco-friendly running belt.
Photo courtesy Spibelt

The moment maker: Shaker & Spoon cocktail sets

For the Dad who loves a cocktail, Shaker & Spoon crafts up cocktail boxes that include recipe cards and everything you need for the perfect cocktail besides the alcohol — syrups, bitters, garnishes, aromatics, and more. Or leave out the alcohol entirely for a delicious mocktail. Gift a month or up to a year at a time with a range of fun boxes and recipes.

Why Dad will love it: He’ll think of you every time he makes a cocktail and sits down for a few quiet moments.

Shaker & Spoon cocktail box.
Courtesy Shaker & Spoon

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