Monday, October 2, 2023

This Hydrogen Fuel-Powered Eco Superyacht Is a Floating Vegetable Garden, Too


The latest superyacht concept is an eco paradise. Not only does it run on a hydrogen fuel cell system, but it is also designed to grow vegetables.

While away your days at sea tending to your vegetable garden? That’s the concept behind a new superyacht design from German design house, 3deluxe. Called the VY.01, the new eco superyacht design concept debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The “paradisiacal biotope” as it’s been dubbed, comes with its own greenhouse and vegetable garden to help keep the superyacht stocked with fresh, healthy plant-based food while at sea.

Like a growing number of superyachts, VY.01 will run on clean energy by way of a hydrogen fuel cell system along with electric propulsion to make it a truly CO2 emissions-free vessel. The ship also includes solar panels to create energy for seawater desalination to help water the greenhouse plants.

Image courtesy 3Deluxe

 “Our aim is to use the project as a communicative platform for discussion of the complex challenges of our time and as an unconventional locale for summits, conferences, and think tanks,” the 3deluxe team said in a statement.

3deluxe says ideal materials for the concept superyacht include sourcing steel and aluminum from producers in Norway and Germany, who use renewable energy to reduce emissions.

Guests seeking out quiet time in the greenhouse won’t be disturbed by the engine noise, either. According to 3deluxe, the design would make the superyacht noise-free and low in vibrations. The ship’s design also reduces wind and wave resistance to increase efficiency and streamlined movement.

The superyacht’s master bedroom is located inside the greenhouse, featuring an open ceiling that provides night sky views.


And the design is up for grabs. VY.01’s plans are being sold as an NFT for $17,000 on the SuperWorld auction platform. According to the auction site, the non-fungible token includes “access to two special renderings exclusive to the owner, an OBJ file of the 3D model of the ship, technical support for integrating the digital yacht in the metaverse along with the original movie file for use in augmented reality worlds, and a complete press release with hi-res images. The owner has full rights to the complete concept design and can also commission the vessel to be constructed in real life.”

Image courtesy 3Deluxe

Proceeds from the NFT sale go to a worthy cause as well. Half of the funds raised will be donated to the marine conservation group, Sea Change Project.

“The Super Yacht VY.01 aestheticizes the idea of a technologically advanced, climate-neutral luxury toy that, unlike in the past, suddenly makes some sense, namely conveys a positive message, and is socially engaged,” the SuperWorld platform says. “VY.01 is an ambassador of a new, highly committed philanthropic spirit of our time.”

The age of eco superyachts

VY.01 joins a growing superyacht trend embracing hydrogen fuel powered engines as well as other sustainability initiatives. Earlier this year Norwegian designer Kurt Strand released designs for an eco-powered superyacht dubbed “Norway.” It includes three electro-hydraulic carbon-fiber rig masts wrapped in solar cell foil to help power the yacht. Their stored energy turns to hydrogen for the ship’s three multi-fuel generators that can work on diesel, liquified natural gas, or hydrogen.

Then, there’s Somnio, the world’s largest and first residential superyacht. Clocking in at 730-feet and powered by clean engine technology, it includes 39 condos starting at $11.2 million.

“Environmental sustainability is a key focus for Somnio, which is being built with the latest clean engine technology and advanced onboard equipment to help scientists and marine experts conduct research into ocean environments,” the company said in a statement. “Internationally-recognised experts will join Somnio’s itinerary to update Owners on the latest global challenges and solutions on key environmental and philanthropic issues.”


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