Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Jared Leto’s New Sustainable Skincare Brand Was Born In the California Desert


Actor Jared Leto is getting into the sustainable beauty business with the launch of a vegan and cruelty-free skincare line that features California desert plants.

Another day, another celebrity beauty brand. This time, from the Joker himself. Actor Jared Leto is set to launch a desert-inspired skincare line on October 25. Named after one of the main entry points into Joshua Tree—a Southern California National Park famed for its distinct trees and incredible rock formations—Twentynine Palms is inspired by the “hallucinogenic beauty” of the Mojave Desert.

‘Hallucinogenic beauty’ in a bottle

The 11-piece vegan and cruelty-free skincare collection will feature products for the face, body, and hair. 

The gender-neutral brand’s price points are on the higher end of the scale. But considering the age-defying, 50-year-old House of Gucci star (soon to be 51) doesn’t look a day over 25—one may certainly consider his skincare secrets money well spent.

Products will include a $97 eye cream, a $95 clay face mask, an $87 moisturizer, a $69 serum, and a $39 cleanser. The line will also feature $54 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, as well as hand and body washes, which will go for $47 each.

A $195 limited-edition scarf featuring artwork by Swiss artist and photographer Douglas Mandry will also be available, according to Vogue. Leto has much in store for the brand; more products are soon on the way. 

Twentynine palms skincare

In 2023, the Twenty Seconds to Mars frontman plans to expand the collection to include home goods and fragrances, among others. “Twentynine Palms is a creative playground with many products in development,” Leto told Vogue Business. “It is a place where my creative and business interests intersect.”

Luxury sustainable skincare

Despite his elaborate red carpet looks and his undeniable love for eyeliner, Leto says he’s never been that intrigued by the world of beauty. “I’ve never been really interested in beauty products,” he said

For Leto—who’s largely adhered to a vegetarian or vegan diet for more than two decades—his interest lies in his affinity for healthy, clean living. “I’m interested in the idea of taking care of ourselves in the most natural way possible,” he continued. 

For this reason, Leto tapped natural desert botanicals for his line. Twentynine Palms will feature skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, prickly pear, and evening primrose. 

The products will also be housed in sustainable containers, including refillable glass, aluminum, and post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Celebrity skincare

Leto is the latest celeb to launch a skincare collection. In September, Brad Pitt debuted Le Domaine, a sustainable—and sophisticated—luxury skincare line that draws inspiration from French wine. 

Made from Château Miraval-grown sustainable wine grapes, the vegan, minimalistic collection features only four products: a serum, a cream, a fluid cream, and a cleansing emulsion. Similarly to Leto’s line, Le Domaine features sustainable packaging of recyclable and refillable glass bottles topped with wooden caps made from old wine casks.

Just one month prior, British fashion designer Stella McCartney launched her own clean skincare line in partnership with luxury group LVMH. Called Stella, the vegan range is equally as simple, featuring only three items: a cleanser, a serum, and a cream.

stella mccartney cop26
Stella McCartney | Courtesy

“I am not that person who wants to buy a million products for different areas of my face. I don’t want all that stuff in my life,” McCartney told WWD.

“I want less, and I want it to work. I want it to be honest and to complement my way of thinking, and of living life,” she continued. “I obviously wanted to do the cleanest skincare that we could do in luxury, the purest of the pure.” 

Other celebrities to launch skincare lines include supermodels Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, with the release debut vegan skincare line Rose Inc., and Kate Moss. The latter recently launched Cosmoss, a curated line of vegan skincare and wellness essentials.

Can’t get enough of all things sustainable beauty? Click here for Ethos’ guide to some of the best clean beauty brands to shop.


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