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A Wellness Ritual You’ll Look Forward To: Meet Dayli Nutrition


Why does it always seem like finding a perfect nutritional balance is so difficult? Is there a better way to achieve optimal wellness? Dayli Nutrition thinks so.

How would you define the optimal state of nutrition? Is that just getting the recommended daily value of vitamins and nutrients? Is it a diet rich in healthy, but not always tasty, foods? Is it avoiding everything else? But more than that: is it even achievable? 

The truth is, there are factors constantly at play changing what our bodies need, how much of it, and when. Our age, fluctuations in hormone levels due to factors like pregnancy and perimenopause, our stress levels, and whether or not we’re dealing with underlying health issues all play a role in our daily health and nutrition needs.

And what if you’re not out to fix any specific problem, just keep things moving in a healthy direction? How does that change things? If all of this really was an exact science, we’d never have time for much else.

Thankfully, nutrition is a lot more fluid and flexible than we give it credit for.

One thing that never seems to waiver from that equation though is the need for hydration. We’re 70 percent water, after all (just like our planet!). And while some of us can get by with less water than others (ahem, more coffee, please), most of us aren’t hydrating frequently enough or properly. And while that 3pm iced macchiato technically counts toward your hydration intake (as does that 6pm glass of Pinot), it’s gaming the system, and in the end, it’s only your own health that has to pay the price.

Meet Dayli Nutrition

Dayli Nutrition is out to tackle both issues at once: can we achieve optimal nutrition and ensure we’re properly hydrated? Yes and yes. We can achieve both of those goals at the same time.

The solution is simple, according to Dayli Nutrition’s CEO Christine Jagoe: powdered vitamin and nutrient drink mixes you can take anywhere—all you need is water. 

“Dayli is designed to add some extra wellness to your day and fill the gaps in your diet with real food ingredients. Each blend contains 11 or more essential vitamins as well as some powerful superfoods, helping to support energy, mood, immunity and digestion. In a convenient, ready-to-mix powder, Dayli is also a delicious way to transform your water and stay hydrated,” she says.

There’s science to back this approach up: bulky vitamin pills can pass through our bodies undigested (if you can even get them down in the first place). Gummies are tasty—but do any of us really believe they’re the healthiest? They’re certainly bad for our teeth, most are high in sugar, and, according to recent research, they can be less effective than traditional pill or capsule vitamins due to limited shelf stability, which causes them to lose nutrients and potency faster. 

Unlike gummies and pills, though, powders have no barriers to entry; there’s less absorption time (virtually none) because the more surface area there allows for optimal nutrient intake. Powders also require us to drink more water by nature—that other part of the healthy body equation we so often overlook. Win and win.

“We believe that nature knows best and plant-based nutrition is unparalleled.”

Christine Jagoe, CEO Dayli Nutrition

Dried and powdered vitamin blends deliver a nutrition experience more aligned with how our ancestors got their nutrients, too—straight from the source. Today, our diets are complicated, to say the least. We fortify foods otherwise unhealthy and we pack our gym bags full of dense, sugary, and caloric energy bars in the same way we convince ourselves gummies make for good vitamins. 

Dayli combines the best nutrients from nature—this is 100 percent food, not filler—a practice that our ancestors relied on, too. 

“We believe that nature knows best and plant-based nutrition is unparalleled,” says Jagoe. “In addition to vitamins, plants contain entire networks of phytonutrients that come with their own unique health benefits. Compared to synthetic tablets or capsules, food powders are often easier on the digestive system, which can enhance absorption while avoiding any unpleasant side effects. The great taste and extra hydration are an added bonus,” she says.

By using active plant-based ingredients, Dayli is able to ensure we get a full dose of all the essential vitamins, including A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B12—all without any artificial flavors or sweeteners. 

The brand is also looking to fill the common gaps in our diet and tackle some of the biggest health challenges with mood and brain boosters, energy enhancers, and gentle detoxifying agents to keep our digestive systems healthy. And as we move into the cold and flu season, strengthening immunity is also top of mind for many of us. There’s a Dayli blend for that, too.

Dayli offers three formulas, all similar in that they deliver those key vitamins, but all formulated to different needs. And no worries, says Jagoe, you can mix and match without fear of contraindications. But here’s the other thing—when your body is fully hydrated and getting the vitamins and minerals it needs, you’re less likely to go overboard anyway. Your body is satisfied so the tendency to want to snack all the time can decrease once your nutritional needs are met.

Dayli Nutrition formulas

All of Dayli’s formulas are non-GMO, vegan, and whole-food based. More than 75 percent of its ingredients are certified organic, and the packaging is recyclable. 

The products come in convenient tubs or packs of 20 sachets, and Dayli makes it easy to stay well by offering a subscription model so you always have your wellness ritual at the ready.

“Every morning I put a few ice cubes into my Dayli water bottle, add a sachet of our Greens Blend, pour in some cold water and shake,” says Jagoe. “It’s so refreshing and delicious, and is a cheerful way to start my day whether I’m headed to the gym or straight to my desk. I’m in love with our insulated water bottle; it’s not too big, not too small and somehow manages to look good plus the ice not only keeps the drink cold, but also well mixed.”

Dayli’s Vitality Blend is formulated to strengthen and protect the body with a blend of antioxidants as well as vitamin C rich elderberry and acerola cherry. VItamin C is important for both immune function and stress management. 

With a tropical peach and mango flavor, Dayli’s Sunshine Blend helps to boost mind, mood, and immunity with help from lion’s mane mushrooms, turmeric, and 100 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D—which is crucial not just for strong bones and teeth, but also for immune function. As much as 40 percent of the population in North America is estimated to be deficient in vitamin D. 

Dayli’s Greens Blend is for—well, you know who you are!—the salad averse, let’s call it. But fear not—you can simply mix up this lime and mint flavored greens blend full of spirulina, spinach, and wheatgrass to boost digestion and detoxification. It tastes great and gives you all the greens you might otherwise skip at mealtime.

And the blends can be consumed throughout the day, whenever you need a boost. “Like other foods, Dayli’s blends can be taken at different times throughout the day, depending on your needs and preferences,” Jagoe says. “You could take one in the morning to start your day off right, later on in the day as a pick-me-up, or both.”

Just like its personal wellness ethos, Dayli’s planetary wellness commitment is tied to better hydration, too. Instead of shipping around fortified water, it sends you the stripped down nutrients and you add the water when you’re ready. This reduces shipping weight and fossil fuels, making it a more sustainable wellness product for you and the planet.Ready to get started? Learn more about Dayli Nutrition and start your subscription here.


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