Thursday, September 21, 2023

With Moliving, Sustainable Luxury Hotel Stays Come Directly to You


A new concept in luxury hotel accommodations, Moliving, brings its sustainable “nomadic hotel” pods wherever you need them.

Over lobby life? There’s a new pod-based luxury hotel service that provides upscale stays in the most sustainable way, no elevators required.

They may be mobile, but don’t call them RVs. These prefab homes feature a bedroom, bathroom, two decks, and a living area that includes a private bar, wine refrigerator, and a 55-inch smart TV—all in 400-square feet of luxury living space.

Luxury mobile hotels

The units are entirely sustainable and self-sufficient, built with Green-Steel, proximity woods, and other sustainable materials. They run on solar power, recirculate greywater, and provide UV sanitization. According to Jordan Bern, Moliving’s founder, the company—which launched last summer—is also working on an app that will allow for easy check-in.

Image by David Mitchell

Moliving has partnered with a number of brands to provide luxury furnishings, decor, and even spirits. So far it’s partnered with brands like Design Within Reach, Azul, Assouline, and Nespresso.

“Moliving is uniquely positioned between the glamping and luxury spaces, and to this day, no one has managed to provide an upscale product and experience while proving true flexibility and a sustainable result,” Bem told Robb Report. “The Moliving units are not only mobile, but also feature a system that protects the land by allowing them to be removed with no impact or damage to the ground below.”

The flagship location just unveiled its first Moliving unit in New York’s Hudson Valley. By the spring, the forthcoming Hurley House will have 60 units immersed in nature along with saunas, an on-site restaurant, and access to activities nearby.

Sustainable foundation

“With sustainability at its core, Moliving seamlessly integrates sophisticated technology into nature with virtually zero disruption to the environment,” the company says on its website. “Using the ‘off the grid’ setting, Moliving Units can be fully self-sufficient. Otherwise they can be easily fully connected to the host property in a matter of minutes.”

The brand says its pop-up approach allows for landowners and hoteliers to develop hotels in just a few months rather than years—and at a fraction of the cost. The company says its mobility will allow it to “democratize” the hotel industry and allow landowners to invest in their property as a hospitality destination in both an efficient and scalable way.

Image by David Mitchell

“The traditional hotel development model has proven its success for generations.  Now, lifestyle habits and travel behaviors have greatly shifted. We are spearheading the change with our mobile units and proprietary technology to continue to adapt,” Bem said in a statement last summer. 

The mobile pods are also “pandemic-proof” allowing for minimal to no contact as needed—a consideration for the hotel industry as the pandemic now enters its third year. But despite the ability to keep it a sanitized and isolated space, Moliving says supporting the local community is really at its core.

“We work as joint venture partners to establish relationships with locals. We aim to create a new ecosystem by generating new jobs and promoting local culture.”

Luxury hotels 2.0

Boutique luxury hotels are becoming more sustainable. Last year, Small Luxury Hotels of the World launched its first Considerate Collection—26 hotels across the globe that prioritize sustainability and conservation efforts. The hotel industry also saw its first effort to create standardized sustainability metrics with the formation of the Basic Sustainability program. The launch included 25,000 hotels from some of the biggest chains across the globe.

Moliving’s aim is the seasonal and hard-to-develop markets. It’s eyeing regions including the Hamptons, Nantucket, Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Sonoma, and Vail, with strong seasonal upticks in hotel demands. It’s also looking at international markets as well.

Image by David Mitchell

With mobility in mind, Bern says it helps Moliving predict seasonal demand and adjust its room inventory to match the demand “in real time.” It is the first hotel group that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and average daily rates on a year-round basis, the company says.

“Moliving is accommodating by design,” says Bern. “Its flexibility feeds the desire to roam freely helping the industry to embrace the nomadic, adventure-seeking traveler of today who still wants all the benefits of the traditional five-star accommodation.” 

Learn more at Moliving’s website.


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