Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Oatly’s New Vegan Hotline May Save Your Sanity This Thanksgiving


Oatly is helping you get through the holiday season.

Wondering how you’re going to survive family time during the holidays as a vegan? Cue the unwanted remarks from your angry uncle. Luckily, you don’t have to sit through all of the difficult conversations alone. Plant-based milk producer Oatly has launched an emotional support hotline just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Oatly Emotional Support Hotline for Plant-Based Eaters will be open for calls from Wednesday, November 16th to Thursday, November 24th.

emotional support hotline
The oat milk brand launched an emotional support hotline for Thanksgiving. | Courtesy Oatly

Plant-based eaters can call 1-866-OAT-LINE to hear “positive affirmations, personal hype-ups, compelling statistics, a motivational locker room speech, and a blank audio void to scream into.” 

On Thanksgiving Day, callers will be able to get real-time support by speaking to someone directly from 3:00 to 10:00 PM EST.

According to the Swedish company, the hotline will “arm plant-based eaters with tools they need to not only get through the season and difficult conversations and questions about their food choices, but even positively influence their loved ones.”

Oatly pushes forward for a merry holiday season

The vegan milk brand—which carries a number of oat-based products, including milk, yogurt, and ice cream—is experiencing tough times itself this holiday season. 

It went public in 2021, raising a whopping 1.43 billion in its U.S. initial public offering. However, following a recent 12.7 percent drop in shares, the company announced it would be forced to cut costs by up to 25 percent by reducing its workforce across corporate roles. 

“We are committed to treating all departing employees with respect and empathy,” a spokesperson for the brand said.

Toni Petersson, the company’s CEO, cited “COVID-19 restrictions in Asia, production challenges in the Americas, and continued foreign exchange headwinds” for its third-quarter earnings, which were below expectations.

“However, we continue to see strong velocities, year-over-year sales volume growth, and minimal price elasticity globally which we believe demonstrates the power and resilience of the brand,” Petersson said in a press release. 

Celebrating a plant-based holiday

Those looking to celebrate the holiday season compassionately are in for a treat. Oatly has partnered with James Beard-nominated chef Amanda Cohen—owner of the New York City-based vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy—to curate a special, plant-based holiday menu.

Using the brand’s products, Cohen recreated three, classic Thanksgiving dishes: Creamy Roasted Mushroom Gravy, Roasted Carrots with Oatgurt Dressing, and Pumpkin Pie Oat Bars.

The savory, roasted mushroom gravy features fresh mushrooms, diced onion, minced garlic, and the company’s full fat milk, among other ingredients. 

The roasted carrots with dairy-free dressing make another perfectly delicious plant-based side. It features Oatgurt, a drinkable yogurt made from fermented oats, roasted carrots, and a crunchy topping of toasted almond pieces, pomegranate seeds, and toasted sesame seeds.

And lest we forget Thanksgiving’s most important course: dessert. The pumpkin pie oat bars feature the brand’s full fat milk and fall-approved staples like cinnamon and nutmeg.

For those unable to tuck into a hearty, plant-based Thanksgiving feast this year, worry not. Oatly has you covered, too. The brand put together a helpful list of fact-checked sources to help you prepare for the inevitable dinner conversations—welcomed or unwelcomed.

To learn more about Oatly’s array of oat milk products, visit www.oatly.com.

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