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From Biodegradable Diapers to Nontoxic Toys: Organic Baby Products Better for Your Little Bundle and the Planet


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From organic baby food and onesies to biodegradable and cloth diapers and toys, we’ve got you covered with organic baby products safer for your family and your planet.

We get it, you want the best for your baby. And so do we! So ditch all of the harmful chemicals in favor of the good stuff. We’ve got some of the best sustainable and organic baby products to shop that will help get you from playtime to bedtime and everything in between — without all of the icky ingredients.

What’s lurking in baby products?

Toxic chemicals can be found in a number of baby essentials, from BPA in bottles to artificial fragrance additives like phthalates in lotions. Studies have linked the former to early puberty in girls and the latter to disruptions in male reproductive tract development.

A 2021 report by the UN Environment Programme found that 25 percent of children’s toys contain harmful chemicals. And a similar study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology linked a fire-retardant chemical found in baby products like car seats and bassinets to hormone disruptions and even cancer.

“It’s a big concern that the products we use to ensure that our infants and toddlers are comfortable and safe might be harmful to their health,” said Johanna Congleton, a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group. “Parents shouldn’t have to worry that products specifically made for babies may be exposing their newborns to a substance linked to cancer and endocrine disruption.”

Sustainable, organic baby products

There’s good news, though: there are a number of sustainable and organic baby products that are safer for your baby and gentler on the planet. From baby food to skincare, here are some of the best organic nursery and diaper bag essentials that money can buy — without paying for all of the pesticides and chemicals. 

Organic baby food

You’ll be feeding your little bundle soon enough! And while making your own baby food is best, sometimes that’s not possible. Fortunately, there are some really clean organic options out there to help.

1. Once Upon a Farm

Co-founded by actor Jennifer Garner, this USDA-certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified baby food brand deserves a spot in your baby’s belly. Cold-pressed processed to lock in the nutrients, the baby food is free from the likes of added colors, preservatives, and refined sugars. 

According to the company, it’s also the first baby and kids food brand to receive the Clean Label Project Purity Award, which indicates that the products have been tested for more than 400 toxins, including heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides. 

beech-nut baby food

2. Beech-Nut

Doing business since 1931, this New York-based brand knows a thing or two about baby food. The company’s collection of natural and organic baby food is contained in vacuum-sealed glass jars to help minimize plastic waste. 

Beech-Nut also holds the distinction of having the world’s first LEED-certified baby food production facility. With nutrient-packed blends like apple, pumpkin, and granola and apple, kiwi, and spinach—you may just want to have a bite, too.

Organic baby clothes

Baby skin is so delicate and sensitive. You’ll want to wrap your newborn in all kinds of warm blankets and swaddles, but just be sure they’re organic to minimize exposure to risky chemicals and irritants.

3. Pact

Yep, your favorite clothing brand also carries onesies that are equal parts sustainable and adorable. Made with organic cotton in a Fair Trade factory, Pact has everything your mini-me needs to look and feel their best, from footie sleepers and pants to short- and long-sleeve bodysuits. 

boody baby

4. Boody

Known for its luxurious bamboo undies, this Canada-based brand is stocked with baby essentials, including shirts, bottoms, wraps, bibs, beanies, socks, and more. Made with organic, bamboo viscose fabrics, Boody’s baby clothes are “simple, soft, and sweet to your little one’s skin.”

Organic baby bedding

A comfortable baby sleeps better. And just like the clothes he wears, his bedding needs to be soft, pure, and free from chemicals.

coyuchi baby

5. Coyuchi

Your baby’s tiny feet will have an even smaller environmental footprint thanks to this luxurious cotton bedding brand. To help your little one sleep soundly and sustainably, shop Coyuchi’s Remi Collection. Made with 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton, the non-toxic baby bedding line features quilted blankets, snuggle sacks, flannel crib sheets, and more.


6. Naturepedic 

Whether exploring nursery ideas for baby girls or boys, one thing is a must: organic baby sheets for the natural baby mamas (and papas!). In addition to organic crib sheets, Naturepedic also carries crib mattresses and bedding accessories like crib pads and covers for a little baby TLC.

Organic baby essentials

From bath time to biodegradable diapers and play-time toys, keep your baby safe, clean, and cozy with organic and sustainable baby essentials.


7. Biodegradable and Reusable Diapers

According to a 2016 report by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, about 20 billion disposable diapers make their way to landfills each year. This accounts for approximately 3.5 million tons of waste alone!

Eco Boom makes biodegradable diapers out of bamboo that are safe for sensitive baby skin. Both the back sheets and fluff are fully biodegradable, using FSC-certified and sustainably harvested bamboo free from chemicals common in processing including chlorine, phthalates, and preservatives.

But if you want to nix diaper waste altogether — and limit your baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals — opt for organic cloth diapers. Esembly’s reusable, 100 percent organic cotton cloth diapers are ultra-absorbent, leak-proof, and feature snap closures to make them easy to get on and off.

earth mama

8. Earth Mama Organics 

Clean herbal care to help get you through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond, Earth Mama carries a variety of organic skincare essentials, including Vegan Nipple Butter and Belly Butter. Non-GMO and cruelty-free, shop baby care products like lotions, soaps, oils, and balms.

finn + emma

9. Finn + Emma 

Help keep nasty chemicals out of your baby’s mouth with these non-toxic toys. Voted the most stylish and sustainable brand by Vogue, Finn + Emma carries sustainable toys for babies and toddlers, which are ethically made with organic cotton and wood. 

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