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Barker Wellness Organic Daily Gummy Set

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Support all aspects of your routine with these vegan, highly-effective Barker Wellness Gummy formulas.

These Gummies contain a blend of CBD and CBG that work harmoniously to promote full mind and body wellness.

Organic Maintenance Gummies

  • Green Apple Matcha flavor.
  • Formulated to improve your mood, focus and overall daily wellness.
  • Organic Lion’s Maine and Ginkgo Biloba, both known to help with mental clarify and focus.

Organic Recovery Gummies

  • Wild Citrus flavor.
  • Calm your mind and soothe your body.
  • Vitamin C, D3, and B1 for additional immune system support.

Organic Sleep Gummies

  • Cherry Acai flavor.
  • Naturally promote relaxation, well-being and calmness.
  • Organic Wolfberry Extract and Chamomile to help you unwind before bed.




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