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Optimist Botanicals Zero-ABV Collection

Home Kitchen Pantry Optimist Botanicals Zero-ABV Collection

These award-winning botanicals are artfully distilled from organic ingredients for elevated sipping without the alcohol. Designed to be mixed just like your favorite premium spirit. Optimist is a certified B Corp. This three-pack includes the label's Fresh, Smokey, and Bright bottles.


Fresh: Wild herbs, juniper, anise, fresh canyon air. Swap in for botanical gin.

Smokey: Lapsang souchong, bitter red-orange, clove, ginger, sage, bergamot, cinnamon leaf, habanero, geranium, oregano, angelica root, valencia orange, corn mint. Swap in for tequila or mezcal.

Bright: Lemon, jasmine, green mandarin, lavender, turmeric, corn mint, orange, tangerine, fennel, myrrh, cinnamon leaf. Swap in place of a citrus-y vodka.

Original price was: $115.Current price is: $90.

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