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Sip Sustainably From These Recycled Drinking Glasses


Toast to a more sustainable world with these drinking glasses made from recycled glass.

Thirsty? Opt for sustainable hydration by drinking your favorite beverage from an eco-friendly cup. From coffee mugs to champagne flutes and everything in between, recycled glass is a great option for sipping sustainably. We’ve got the best recycled glass drinking glasses to shop. But first, how does glass stack up to the competition sustainability-wise?

Is glass sustainable?

Did you know that obsidian rock — molten rock formed from magma that erupted out of a volcano — is materially related to man-made glass products? According to the Corning Museum of Glass, forms of glass can be found naturally in many parts of the world.

The glassware sitting in your cupboard is made from natural, raw materials like limestone and sand. And, although these materials are non-renewable (there are finite amounts of them), they are abundantly found in nature, which means it’s highly likely we’ll run out of them.

Even though they’re made from natural materials, it’s still best to keep glassware far away from landfills. That’s because glass can take upwards of one million years to decompose—far longer than even plastic! 

Unlike other glassware materials like ceramic, glass is 100 percent recyclable. “It has an unlimited life and can be melted and recycled endlessly to make new glass products with no loss in quality,” Robert Weisenburger Lipetz, the executive director of the nonprofit trade association Glass Manufacturing Industry Council, said.

But of the ten million metric tons of glass that are disposed of in the U.S. each year, only about one-third of it is actually recycled. This means that large amounts of natural resources and energy are being used unnecessarily to create new glass products.

Recycled glass drinking glasses to shop

Help minimize glass waste. From margaritas and champagne to wine and plain ol’ water, check out these brands making drinking glasses from recycled glass for every occasion.

LSA glassware

1. LSA International

Cheers to sustainability! This London-based brand specializes in contemporary handmade glass. From glasses for beer to wine and more, two of the company’s collections — Canopy and Mia — feature recycled glass.

Shop LSA International’s Handblown Recycled Glassware, available in a variety of sizes, including short, medium wide, medium narrow, and tall.

our place glasses

2. Our Place

Makers of the cult-favorite Always Pan, Our Place also carries a set of recycled drinking glasses, which are perfect for iced teas, root beer floats, fruit cup spritzes, and everything in between.

Shop the Night + Day Glasses, which features a set of four handmade tumblers made from recycled glass and sand. Even better? They’re available in a wide variety of colors, including berry pink, amber, sage green, electric blue, and golden yellow.

uncommon goods

3. Uncommon Goods

Known for its creative and original products, Uncommon Goods carries an entire line of unique recycled glassware, including wine glasses, drinking glasses, and decanters.

Our top pick? The company’s Handmade Mosaic Glasses, which feature pieces of colorful, reclaimed art glass fragments, are a must-buy. Mouth-blown by Mexican artisans using recycled glass, shop the colorful Multicolor Ombre Stemless Wine Glass Set. Or elevate your wine and charcuterie board nights with the Recycled Glass Mexican Wine Copas, which are made from repurposed soda bottles.


4. Sobremesa 

Love all things colorful? Sobremesa has a collection of recycled glasses that feature vibrant, color-accent rims. Available as a set of four, the Hand-Blown Colored Rim Recycled Drinking Glasses are made by a cooperative of artisans in Guatemala.

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