Thursday, September 21, 2023

5 Boho Chic Style Essentials to Get the Look Sustainably


From the red carpet to the street style revival, boho chic is back and better than ever. Here’s how to get the boho look.

Boho, or bohemian chic, has been a recurring fashion and decor trend since the 1970s when it came on in full force following Woodstock and the psychedelic movement. Centered around earthy tones and designs inspired by nature, there’s every reason to want to achieve the look with nature in mind.

Marked by flowy skirts and dresses, floral and nature prints, macramé, patchwork, loose and fitted denim, satchel bags, totes, big sunglasses, statement jewelry, and floppy hats, the boho look is unmistakable, even with so many variations.

stella mccartney
Courtesy Stella McCartney

The very pregnant Blake Lively recently took to the red carpet in a flowy Ralph Lauren dress from its fall 2022 collection accented by chunky turquoise jewelry. Vogue recently captured boho looks on the streets of New York, Paris, and Milan during Fashion Week, and there’s no shortage of style inspiration—from silky loose blouses to fringe and patchwork.

Boho is not just for closets, though. The trend is also seen across home goods and decor, bringing its soft and inviting style to furniture, rugs, pillows, dishware and so much more.

But, with so many variations and interpretations, deciding where to start can feel overwhelming. What does it take to add bohemian style to your wardrobe and into your life? And how best to do it with the smallest impact? Let’s show you some methods. 

How to get the boho chic look sustainably

For starters, it’s always a good idea to see what other people are doing. If you are looking for celebrity inspiration, there’s a wide variety of style icons out there that have used bohemian wardrobes. For example, Kate Moss, and 1960s actress Ali McGraw helped define the trend.

And with boho in some form or another always on trend, it can help with your sustainable fashion goals, too, since you’ll wear your boho statement pieces frequently. Find pieces you know you’ll wear and make sure to take care of them by properly washing and mending or repairing them as needed to extend the life of your boho style.

Boho chic style essentials

Start your boho journey by adding floral and nature-inspired prints that are typical of the bohemian style. And we’ve got more boho-style inspo to help you get the look sustainably, too.

sustainable jewelry
Courtesy Soko x Reformation

1. Accessorize

Accessories are always an easy way to turn up the boho look of an outfit. You could incorporate oversized eco sunglasses or sustainable jewelry and it can easily revamp your style, especially if you’re not looking to completely overhaul your wardrobe and just have a touch of bohemian accents. There are always accessories that can make a difference. 

a woman sits on a curb
Courtesy Vadim Paripa | Unsplash

2. Bohemian staples

Effortlessly boho your style with a flowy skirt or dress in floral, paisley, or other prints. In the summer, try them with strappy sandals, and in cooler months go with clogs, mules, or boots. If you need to layer, you can add a chunky cardigan or the critical statement jacket. Take style cues from late-era Beatles, where layering reigned supreme during the Get Back recordings. Beatles’ offspring and sustainable style guru Stella McCartney recreated many of the band’s timeless looks, too.

Sustainable denim Bethany Williams x Isko
Courtesy Bethany Williams

3. Statement jackets, vests, and sweaters

The boho statement jacket can be long, loose, and flowing or cropped and fitted. There’s patchwork, embroidery, and of course, fringe. Secondhand shops are some of the best places to find statement jackets, sweaters, and even vests. Pair them with denim, skirts, or dresses, and accessorize with scarves and jewelry.

Spencer Phipps boss
Spencer Phipps models the Boss x Phipps tie-dye collection | Courtesy

4. Vintage T-shirts

If you don’t want to completely revamp your wardrobe and you just want to add little boho touches, a great way to give a little nod is just to wear vintage t-shirts. Shop secondhand stores to find soft, worn vintage rock, tie-dye, and slogan tees—or, better yet, raid your parents’ closets for hidden gems! You can mix and match your t-shirt with ankle boots and jeans for a fantastic boho makeover that is a nod to yesteryear. Layer them over skirts or underneath statement jackets for a truly unmistakable 1970s-inspired look.

stell mccartney vegan leather ethos
Stella McCartney cowboy boots | Courtesy

5. Boots

If you are looking for the perfect boho companion piece, you have to go for boots with lace, embroidery, or straps. Ankle boots can work with everything from skirts to denim to dresses, but knee-high boots are also just as effective. Look for sustainably made boots that rely on ethical materials such as mushroom or cactus leather or recycled materials.

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