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Sustainable Dresses for Every Occasion


From using recycled materials to being Fair Trade, slip into one of these sustainable dresses for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect sundress for an afternoon brunch or a little black dress for date night, shopping for sustainable dresses is now easier than ever. 

Of course, when it comes to practicing sustainability and nixing fashion waste, the best option is to wear what you already have or to rent, thrift, or borrow clothes. But you can still minimize your environmental footprint by foregoing fast fashion brands in favor of those that put the planet first. 

From using natural and organic fabrics to ditching non-toxic dyes and synthetic materials, many eco luxe fashion brands are making sustainably- and ethically-made clothing that are as trendy as they are good for the planet. 

The best sustainable dresses to shop

From maxi to midi and everything in between, walk the sustainability runway in these stylish, eco-conscious dresses from brands making a difference.

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1. Reformation

This eco-friendly clothing brand puts sustainability first. The company works to minimize waste, water, and its energy footprint by investing in green building infrastructure. Carbon-neutral since 2015, Reformation uses a number of eco-friendly materials to craft its pieces, including those that are recycled and organic. The brand even provides a “RefScale” for each of its items, which fully details the garment’s environmental impact.

On the prowl for a maxi length dress? Get the Westerly Dress, which features tie straps and a sexy side slit. For a more relaxed look, get the Weiss Dress, a midi-length, wrap dress that has puff sleeves and a V neckline.

stella mccartney

2. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is synonymous with sustainability. Since day one, the company has omitted the use of animal-derived materials like furs, feathers, and leather. The luxury clothing brand uses the likes of organic cotton, recycled nylon and polyester, and vegetarian leather to create its stunning products. 

Its iconic collection of dresses includes the Draped Slip Dress, a scarlet red, midi number made from sustainable viscose.

pact dress

3. Pact

From partnering with Fair Trade-certified factories to using earth-friendly materials like organic cotton, this clothing company is on a mission to do right by the planet. The brand’s range of organic dresses and skirts is deserving of a post in any eco-conscious consumer’s closet.

Amour vert dress

4. Amour Vert

This clothing brand’s sustainability initiatives are all but endless. The company plants a tree for every t-shirt purchased. Since 2010, it’s planted more than 350,000 trees in North America, helping to sequester nearly 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the process. Its resale marketplace, ReAmour, helps to keep clothing out of the landfill by giving them a new lease on life. And it was one of the first companies to use compostable protective bags to store and ship its wares.

Vetta wrap dress

5. Vetta

Curating a sustainable wardrobe is easy, thanks to this brand. Seventy percent of the company’s energy is acquired from solar power. Fabrics used include Tencel, which is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp, and organic cotton. The brand even has capsule wardrobe collections to make buying less — while still looking fashionable — a breeze.

Wrinkle-resistant dress… need we say more? Made with 100 percent recycled fabric, the Convertible Wrap Tie Dress comes in four colors: clay, azure blue, black, and a retro floral print. Get three dresses in one with the Convertible Polka Dot Dress. It can be worn both ways, with either the elastic waste and hem in the front or the back. Or, wear it as a wrap dress. The options are endless.

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