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11 Homeware Brands Bringing Comfort and Ethics to Every Room of the House


Whether you are looking for perfectly crafted pillows or unique dinnerware these sustainable homeware brands have something for everyone and every style.

More than ever, our homes have become safe havens. Covid home time has instilled a new appreciation for the space in which we spend so much time.

Whether or not you dabbled in the covid redecorating craze, it always seems like there’s a need to refresh something. We’ve rounded up the best sustainable and ethical homeware options.

Sustainable homewares

Of course, the most sustainable homewares are the ones you have already whether they were made sustainably or not. Less is more and old is new when it comes to making a sustainable home. But when it comes time that you absolutely need to replace home furnishings, start off with sustainably made products for a purchase you can feel good about.

1. The Citizenry

The Citizenry celebrates the people behind their products. The group identifies as a collective of individuals including artisans, designers, and dreamers. Together they rally across cultures and continents to craft their collections. Each of their items is handcrafted and available in just limited quantities to ensure high-quality finishings in each piece.

2. Made Trade

Shop from eco-friendly and fair trade home decor brands on Made Trade. It brings together an array of exquisite brands and aesthetics to help you spruce up every room. A lot of the brands work with fair trade artisans across the globe to craft their unique items. From planters to linens this platform is a one-stop for all your houseware needs.

3. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages has been pioneering the Fair Trade movement for over 70 years. It laid the groundwork for sustainable changes in 30+ low-income countries where they work with local artisans. The company also provides a working space and interest-free loans to empower their markers and their communities. Each piece on Ten Thousand Villages is created by independent small-scale groups and is crafted with local materials.

4. Our Place

Our Place has everything you need for a sustainable kitchen and for transforming you into the ultimate plant-based chef. The minimal yet elegant dinnerware is a must-have for setting a sustainable table. A fan-favorite, the Always Pan, helps you Marie Kondo your cookware by replacing eight items in the kitchen. Our Place is committed to ethical standards and its factories are audited by third parties such as BSCI, SA8000, Sedex, and ISO.

5. Goodee

Goodee was founded by designers and creative directors Byron and Dexter Peart in 2017. The twin brothers launched the platform wanting to work with artisans that prioritized sustainability and environmental impact in their products. Today, the global marketplace features home items including furniture, decor, and accessories from more than 60 brands. The items are carefully curated to ensure ethical practices and are vetted by the in-house sustainability team. All brand partners are also transparent about labor standards, supply chains, ecological footprint, and the materials used.

6. Maiden Home

Maiden Home is made-to-order homewares. Mass production of any item, including furniture, results in heaps of waste and scraps, which does nothing good for Mother Earth. By making their items as they are ordered and selling direct-to-consumer, they are able to have zero excess inventory that would otherwise likely end up in a landfill.

7. Chairish

If you are serious about cutting down on waste, buying secondhand or vintage items is also a good option and Chairish provides you with the place to find all you are looking for. Buying high-quality secondhand items is great for the environment as no additional resources are being used to produce the products. Chairish curates exceptional art, furniture, and everything in between to help you bring your home to life.

8. Minna

Minna is a queer-led brand founded by Sara Berks in 2013. They work collaboratively with artisans in Central and South America to create products that celebrate their crafts and create jobs in those regions. The vibrant patterns, colors, and textures are designed to be mixed, matched, and layered to allow for perfect curation for every home.

9. Ettitude

Everyone loves crawling into bed at the end of a long, hard day. Making our bedrooms a place of rest and relaxation is crucial to our general well-being and definitely impacts the quality of our sleep. We spend one-third of our lives in our beds, so it makes sense to pay extra attention and care there.

One of the biggest things you can do is choose non-toxic bedding to curl yourself up in each night. Bamboo is an incredible option because it easily grows without the use of chemicals and is an extremely sustainable crop. You’ll love this bamboo sateen sheet set from Ettitude. The soft twill is cool yet cozy on the body and the sheets are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

10. Boll & Branch

A cozy robe is a staple in the work-from-home world or those lazy weekends. This organic cotton robe from Boll & Branch is a great option. The company makes a range of perfectly luxe, eco items for the home, all crafted from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and other sustainable materials woven in a Fair Trade-certified facility.

11. Loomy Rugs

Need a durable rug that doesn’t look tattered after the first week of shoes, paw prints, and spilled food? Loomy rugs are your solution. All of the rugs are made-to-order which drastically reduced waste and overproduction issues. They are all crafted in fair trade facilities with biodegradable and sustainable materials such as recycled bottles and banana silk.

Doing a full redecorate that includes appliances? We’ve also got a list of sustainable luxury appliances for your kitchen, too.

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