Tuesday, March 28, 2023

For Pets and Pet Lovers: The Ultimate Sustainable Pet Gifts Guide


These luxe, eco-friendly pet gifts are pawsitively perfect for a sustainable holiday season.

Is there anything a pet parent wouldn’t do for their pets? From bejeweled harnesses to Gucci faux leather collars, your beloved, furry pooch probably has more accessories than Kim K. We get it—you’re infatuated with your pet. After all, they love unconditionally, are expert cuddlers, and happily lap up food spills—no broom and dustpan needed.

Your dog’s carbon pawprint

Although they may be good at cleaning up crumbs off the floor, our pets actually generate a large amount of emissions and waste. 

According to a 2014 report by LiveScience, dogs produce more than ten million tons of doo-doo annually. This results in about 500 million plastic dog bags making their way to landfills each year. Feces that goes uncollected doesn’t fare any better. A major carrier of parasites and harmful bacteria like salmonella and worms, dog poop can pollute the environment and local waterways. 

Your pooch’s carbon pawprint doesn’t end there. A 2017 study found that dogs and cats are responsible for producing a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by the animal agriculture industry by way of meat-heavy pet food.

dog and Christmas present
Shop sustainably to help reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint. | Photo by Andrew Te via Unsplash

For those looking to reduce the impact that their furry, four-legged friend has on the planet, we’ve got you covered. Your fur kiddos deserve the best of the best, so we’ve gathered some of the most luxurious, sustainable pet products that are sure to set tails a waggin’.

The ultimate sustainable pet gift guide

Check out these luxe, eco-friendly gifts for dogs, cats, and pet parents alike. (FYI: They’re totally pawsome.)

1. Keep Nature Wild’s recycled dog gear

Known for making outdoor products with purpose, this Arizona-based brand carries an entire range of sustainable pet products, from dog bag dispensers made from recycled nylon to leashes made from recycled plastic.

Shop all of the doggy goodies with the Recycled Dog Gear Bundle. Available in two, desert-themed color options, orange and blue, it features a leash, a bandana, and a collar, all made with recycled materials. And you can shop mindfully knowing your purchase is doing good for nature. The company picks up two pounds of trash for every product sold.

2. Brentwood Home’s orthopedic dog bed

Your pooch deserves to lay in sustainable luxury. Meet the Griffith Pet Bed. Formulated with BioFoam, a biological foam made from vegetable materials, this comfy bed is certified non-toxic and climate neutral.

And you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty. It features a waterproof liner and a machine-washable cover.

3. The Kind Pet’s cat scratcher

For animal lovers and planet lovers alike, shop The Kind Pet. From sourcing to packaging and shipping, the company makes natural pet products made from compostable, low waste, or upcycled materials.

The Kind Pet has it all—stainless steel cat bowls, cork poop bag holders, and cork dog harnesses. For the kitty in your life, get the Cardboard Cat Scratcher. Made from 100 percent recycled cardboard, it’s non-toxic and compostable.

4. Wild Earth’s plant-based dog food

Churning out “dog food made for dogs, not wolves,” this brand carries nutritious, vegan dog food, treats, and supplements. Promote healthy joints with the Hip & Joint Dog Supplements, available in a savory peanut butter flavor.

Treat yo’ dog to superfood treats made with sustainable koji protein—an ancient fungi strain. And for a protein-packed mealtime, get the Complete Protein Dog Food. Featuring a rich umami flavor that your canine will love, it’s packed with omegas and veggies for softer fur and clearer skin.

5. West Paw’s dog toys

For sustainable pet products look no further than this Montana-based brand. (It’s like West Elm, but for dogs.) Founded in 1996, West Paw is committed to reducing its impact on the planet. It uses a number of eco-friendly materials to make its pet products, including Seaflex, a 100 percent recyclable material made with recycled ocean-bound plastic, and IntelliLoft, a bed stuffing material made from recycled plastic bottles.

For dog toys that are as sustainable as they are durable, check out the Rumbl. The treat toy is non-toxic and infinitely recyclable. The brand also has a puzzle toy range, to keep your pups’ minds occupied while you’re out running errands. Fill the Toppl toy with treats for a satisfying playtime for your pets.

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