Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Ethos Autumn 2022 Playlist: Come On In


Another season, another playlist. As you venture indoors for Autumn, bring this playlist inside with you.

The Autumn Ethos playlist is filled with tracks old and new, to help you get warm from within. A bit of residual, smoky summer lingers in tracks like Sault’s Wildfires and Niia’s Face, and others look to the cooling that lies just ahead: Bjork’s new Sorrowful Soil and Sudan Archives’ Iceland Moss. Lady Wray welcomes us to the change with Come On In and Durand Jones and the Indication do David Bowie proud with a stunning and cool rendition of Young Americans.

Head over to the official Ethos Spotify account to listen to the newest playlist curated by our founder, Jill Ettinger.


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