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The Four Seasons’ Newest Luxury Hotel: a Tent


The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is bringing a new sustainable luxury hotel concept to Mexico. The Naviva Resort is a nature-immersive tented property with bespoke guest curriculums and the ethos to “live naturally.”

Pack your sleeping bag and flashlight and get ready to rough it at The Four Seasons? Okay, not exactly. But the leading luxury hotel’s newest location is tented. The resort, slated to open later this year, is focused on Mexico’s nature, heritage, and sustainability.

Dubbed Naviva, the new hotel concept will be located in Punta Mita, a 1,500-acre private peninsula about ten miles north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s an expansion of the existing Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita in an untouched enclave within the Resort community.

The new hotel will feature 15 luxury tents surrounded by forests of the Riviera Nayarit with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. The hotel group says it’s inspired by the idea of naturaleza viva, or to “live naturally.”

“The Naviva Resort will be an exceptional retreat for those seeking highly individualized service, curated wellness experiences and artful culinary offerings that reflect the culture and character of Mexico,” Bart Carnahan, President, the Four Seasons Global Business Development and Portfolio Management, said in a statement. “This is an ambitious and innovative new project for our brand, with every detail focused on the wellbeing of the guests, the sustainability of the design and the celebration of the destination.”

Four Seasons currently operates 122 hotels and resorts, and 48 residential properties in 47 countries. Naviva is one of more than 50 new developments in the works.

The Naviva Resort

The new property, a “low impact sanctuary” will embrace the peninsula’s natural surroundings and prioritize sustainable efforts across the hotel’s organic aesthetic, including solar panels, efficient water systems and natural drainage, electric vehicles, upcycled artwork, and locally sourced products, materials, produce and ingredients in its on-site restaurant.

The resort’s design is intended to make transitioning between indoor and outdoor living seamless for “an immersive and transformational journey.”

Image courtesy Four Seasons

Naviva will feature a jungle-inspired pool and a private beach as well as spa “pods” that offer customizable body and face treatments that feature local ingredients. On the property, there’s also a yoga pavilion and outdoor gym. The resort will also feature a temazcalā€”a traditional sweat lodge where local healers will offer guests ceremonial sessions.

The Four Seasons says the Naviva Resort is deeply integrated into its natural surroundings, “inviting guests to connect with the land, sea, fellow guests, and most importantly, themselves.”

Part of the hotel experience includes being matched with personal guides ahead of arrival. The guides create custom itineraries for the guests in order to maximize their experience in the immersive location.

“The resort guides have been selected for their care, intuition, and discernment, along with their knowledge of the destination,” the Four Seasons says. “The guides will assist in creating custom itineraries and personalizing experiences, while also providing the space and freedom for guests to unwind and explore on their own.”

Onsite programming includes support of local experts and has been designed to allow for “heightened personalization,” and can include one-on-one interactions with the Resort executive chef; personal training sessions; private dinners with bespoke menus; or exploring Mexico’s hidden wine and spirits scene. “Guides offer intuitive partnership and knowledge to help guests truly understand and connect with their experiences.”

According to the hotel, guests are met on a “cocoon-inspired bamboo bridge” that overlooks a 30-foot ravine. The guest tents build on the theme with butterfly-inspired guest tents perched on hillsides. Each tent features a private pool and expansive decks and outdoor gardens.

Sustainability at the Four Seasons

The Naviva is the Four Seasons’ latest sustainability effort, building on a number of achievements at its locations worldwide, including measures at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. There, it has implemented water recycling via an on-site treatment plant; the recycled water is used for irrigation. The resort also features energy-efficient machinery including intelligent air-conditioning, energy-efficient cooling towers, laundry, and hotel boilers and water tanks.

Image courtesy Four Seasons

Its restaurant menus prioritize plant-based food, and the staff observes Meatless Monday through a specially curated menu.

Protecting biodiversity is at the heart of the property, including a partnership with Red Tortuguera for sea turtle conservation, which has become an attraction for guests to observe.

Four Seasons is also focused on supporting local culture; the Punta Mita peninsula is home to Huichol Indigenous people who uphold the last remaining links to pre-Columbian times. Cultural preservation is honored through classes in Mexican history, Spanish language classes, tequila tastings, and Catrina workshops.

The hotel says its employees also volunteer for beach clean-up days around the peninsula, which supports its ongoing conservation efforts.

Also be sure to visit the Four Seasons Tamarindo Resort in Jalisco, Mexico.


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