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Meet Vegan Nickelodeon Star Dana Heath


Known for playing a charismatic crime fighter on Nickelodeon’s hit series Danger Force, 16-year-old vegan actor Dana Heath is a rising young star to watch. 

Dana Heath’s superhero character Mika Maklin, aka ShoutOut, wields her mighty shout power to ward off villains.

But while she spends much of her time safeguarding the fictional city of Swellview on TV—off the screen, Heath is a superhero IRL, too. 

Vegan since the age of nine, Heath is also a huge advocate for healthy, plant-based eating and is helping to save animals each and every day by leaving them off of her plate. 

Vegan actor Dana Heath

Heath developed her love for acting on stage in theater as a kid, setting a goal to perform on Broadway one day.

In 2016, she made her acting debut on Amazon Prime’s WellieWishers. Fast forward to today, and she’s now starred in multiple TV shows—including Fancy Nancy and Scorpion.

Having amassed more than 270,000 followers on TikTok and more than 370,000 followers on Instagram, Heath’s work on the big screen has garnered her a substantial fan base. But the young star always makes sure she uses her platform for good.

“The best way that I have been able to use my platform to advocate for issues that are important to me is leading by example,” she told Ethos. “I am so grateful for all of my fans and they inspire me to be the best version of myself. I understand that having a large following comes with lots of responsibility, and I intend to always stand up for what I believe is right.”

Heath uses her platform to champion social justice causes that are close to her heart, including helping underprivileged youth. “I find lots of satisfaction in giving a voice to the voiceless and advocating for those who cannot do it for themselves,” she said.

She also recently partnered with the international animal welfare non-profit The Humane League to speak up for animals. Although Heath says she initially went vegan in 2015 for health reasons, she’s since become an outspoken animal advocate.

“It started with a stomach issue, so we cleaned up my diet to see what could be causing it,” she explained. “After going vegan, I experienced a significant improvement in my health and came to realize how important animal rights are to me. I have now fully adopted a vegan lifestyle, and I love it!”

Since eschewing animal products, Heath says she’s seen numerous improvements not only physically but mentally as well. “I’ve seen changes in my energy, my mindset, and how I view the world,” she said. “Being vegan has transformed the idea that I need animal products to sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

Eating vegan on set

So, what does a vegan superhero eat in a day?

For breakfast, Heath says she enjoys an assortment of fruits or a healthy smoothie. For lunch, she typically has a rice and bean bowl or a nutritious salad. And for dinner, you’ll most likely find her indulging in a Mexican-style dish. “I especially enjoy cooking for my family,” she said. “My favorite dish to make is my famous vegan tacos.” 

On set, Heath says she has no problem adhering to a vegan diet. “It’s actually not as hard as people may think. I usually order food from vegan restaurants nearby while I’m on set,” she explained. “But while I wait for my meals to get there, they supply me with great snacks!”

Heath is already inspiring those around her to eat healthier—and more compassionately. Her mother went vegan around the same time that she did and her grandmother is well on her way to becoming vegetarian.

When she’s not acting or whipping up savory vegan meals in the kitchen, you’ll probably find Heath reading a comic book or playing with her adorable pooches, Bam Bam and Pebbles, who were named after Flintstone characters.

She hopes more people draw a distinction between animals raised for food and animals raised as pets. “I think that it’s very hypocritical to see one animal as worthy of life but not another,” she said.

“I actually believe animals shouldn’t be pets in the first place, but I do believe that animals can be great companions,” she continued.

Stay up-to-date with superhero Dana Heath by following her on Instagram @missdanaheath.


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