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Vegan Leather Cowboy Boots for the Eco Western Festival-Ready Look


These vegan cowboy boots were made for walking. 

On the prowl for a little country flair? Well then, giddy-up! From mid-calf boots to ankle boots — and even cowboy hats and fringe jackets — we’ve wrangled the best brands to shop for Western-inspired clothing. 

But first, what materials should you shop for a sustainable country look?

Is vegan leather more sustainable?

The conventional leather industry’s impacts on animals and the planet are lengthy. Aside from the animal cruelty, leather production is laden with harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, cyanide, and arsenic, which can pollute the surrounding environment and waterways. 

The process of raising livestock for their skins is also impactful on the planet — accounting for about 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Vegan leather doesn’t always fare better. The vast majority of vegan leather is made from plastic, primarily polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) — which aren’t biodegradable. Plus, vegan leathers may also be dyed — a chemical-laden process that is also pollutive.

cowboy boot
Conventional leather production impacts animals and the planet. Courtesy Lynnelle Cleveland | Unsplash

Those looking to reduce their impact on the planet and animals can opt to buy secondhand leather pieces. Although they’re not cowhide-free, their purchase reduces the natural resources and energy required used to make new products. 

Alternatively, there are a number of companies churning out plant-based, biodegradable leather alternatives. The London-based brand Piñatex creates leather from the waste leaves of pineapples. And the eco-friendly leather AppleSkin is made with apple waste.

Innovative brands are also creating sustainable leather-like materials from mushrooms, cactus leaves, coconut waste, and more.

Cowboy boots

1. Stella McCartney Cowboy Boots

These cow-free boots are the perfect blend of sustainable innovation and tradition, according to the company. Available in two classic colors — black and brown — the knee-high boots feature a Cuban heel, ornate stitching, and vegan leather. You can also show off your legs in Stella’s Cloudy Alter Mat cowboy ankle-boots

2. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather Duke Boots

Boots for him and her. Founded in Paris in 2011, this ethical brand prioritizes animals and the planet. It uses eco-friendly packaging and sustainable materials like recyclable shoe lining made from corn. For a classic Western look, shop the Duke Boots, which come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, mustard, and beige. The company also has high heel ankle boots made from AppleSkin, a sustainable, vegan leather.

3. Will’s Western Boots

Lasso a pair of these cow-free cowboy boots. Certified carbon neutral, the Western Boots feature bio-based vegan leather made from cereal crops. Available in black and chestnut, you’re definitely going to want to wear the bad boys from morning ‘til night.

Western-inspired coats and jackets

4. Issy London Vegan Shearling Coat

Channel your inner Beth Dutton in Issy London’s vegan shearling coat. Fully recyclable and made from recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles, the ultra-cozy coat is just one of the brand’s “future-conscious fashion” staples.

5. Stella McCartney Fringed Jacket

Call this country with a signature Stella twist. The Fringed Alter Mat Jacket is a cowgirl essential. Made in Italy, wear this oat-colored jacket with a pair of boots and a cowboy hat for a look fit for an episode of Yellowstone. 

Cowboy hats

6. Haus of Trade Vegan Suede Hat

Get the rancher aesthetic with this faux suede cowboy hat, which features a teardrop crown. Available in Cognac, Ivory, or Black, the hat is brimming with style.

7. Corkadia Cork Leather Hat

Made from — you guessed it — cork fabric, Corkadia’s vegan leather hat is a sustainable take on a classic cowboy necessity. Unlike conventional leather, cork leather is an eco-friendly material when harvested from the cork oak tree in a sustainable manner. 

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