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Celebrities Embrace Eco-Couture on the ‘Avatar’ Red Carpet


Eco-couture was front and center during the U.S. and U.K. premieres of the highly-anticipated sci-fi movie Avatar: The Way of Water.

Sustainable textile brand Tencel and the women-led environmental group Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) Global teamed up to dress the stars of the new action flick, which is a sequel to the 2009 film Avatar

As part of the RCGD Global x Tencel sustainability campaign, the bespoke outfits featured bio-based Tencel branded fibers, Lyocell and Modal. In addition to being compostable and biodegradable, the fibers—which are made from wood pulp, a renewable raw material—are also manufactured using an environmentally sound production process.

At the London premiere, James Cameron, the film’s director, and his wife, environmental advocate Suzy Amis Cameron, showcased Tencel’s Lyocell fibers. The former wore a classic black tuxedo from high-end fashion house Huntsman and the latter sported a custom-made Vivienne Westwood.

In Los Angeles, Zoe Saldaña, who plays Neytiri in the film, donned a Tyler Ellis black clutch bag lined with Tencel fibers. According to Lenzing, an Austrian brand that manufactures Tencel, the bag’s lining was in a shade of blue that paid homage to the film’s iconic characters. British actor Henry Cavill wore a double-breasted coat made with Tencel’s Lyocell fibers, also created by Huntsman. 

“It’s highly unlikely that any of us can change an entire lifestyle in one go, but taking small steps, making small changes especially if done in large numbers can make a difference,” Cavill said in a press release. “Sustainable clothing materials is one of those ways.”

The red carpet goes green

The premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water isn’t the first time that sustainable fashion has been spotlighted on the red carpet.

Celebrities are increasingly wearing plant-friendly looks, opting for vintage and recycled pieces and other sustainable fashion staples. 

At the 2022 Fashion Awards, held on December 5 in London, the Canadian model wore a bodysuit from Iris van Herper, a haute couture designer that regularly uses recycled materials like cocoa bean shells and ocean plastic. Model Ashley Graham wore a body-printed dress and matching overcoat by Patrick McDowell made with Luxe, Tencel’s vegan silk.

The award show’s “Environment” category celebrated “those who have made a significant contribution towards reducing the environmental impact of [the fashion] industry to create positive change.” Gabriela Hearst, Bethany Williams, Priya Ahluwalia, Conner Ivesm and Marine Serre all took home the “Leaders of Change” award in this category. 

Since 2011, The Academy has worked with RCGD Global to expand its sustainability efforts. However, in November, it announced a new partnership with the sustainable organization, adopting the group’s new “Sustainable Style Guide” for “greening” the red carpet.

The guide outlines tips for dressing with the planet in mind, including wearing vintage pieces and textiles that are derived from natural sources. It also suggests supporting brands owned by people of color and those that are cruelty-free. 

“Tencel has a long-standing partnership with RCGD Global to promote eco-couture at the Oscars. We are proud to extend the collaboration to other red carpets and further promote the adoption of sustainable materials in luxury fashion and beyond,” Harold Weghorst, Global Vice President of Marketing and Branding at Lenzing AG, said.

“Through leading by example, together, we can propel the fashion and textile industry towards a more sustainable and circular future,” Weghorst added.

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