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The EX30, Volvo’s New Small, Fast, Affordable EV SUV: ‘It’s a Big Deal’


Volvo unveiled its latest addition to its electric vehicle lineup with the new EX30, its smallest electric SUV to date.

The EX30 is designed to embody the company’s commitment to safety, convenience, and sustainability. Available for pre-order in the U.S., the EX30 expands Volvo’s electric lineup to four models and aims to capture the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

With a starting price of $34,950 MSRP in the U.S., the EX30 offers an attractive pricing option for customers seeking a premium electric SUV.

“The fully electric EX30 might be our smallest ever SUV, but it’s a big deal for our customers and a big deal for us as a company,” Jim Rowan, Volvo’s CEO, said in a statement. “Like any Volvo, it’s an outstanding product which is safe and designed around people and their needs.”

The EX30 exhibits Volvo’s renowned design values in a compact format. Its exterior features a balanced and refined aesthetic with a long wheelbase, large wheels, and equal overhangs. The car showcases its electric nature with a confident face, closed shield, and digital rendition of the Thor’s Hammer headlights. Additionally, the EX30 offers a range of five vibrant exterior colors, including stylish Cloud Blue and expressive Moss Yellow inspired by lichen along the Swedish west coast.

Volvo's new EX30
Volvo’s new EX30 pricing will start at $34,500 | Courtesy

Volvo prioritizes flexibility in battery technology and offers customers two powertrain options for the EX30. The Single Motor Extended Range variant, equipped with an NMC extended-range battery, maximizes range and efficiency, offering an estimated range of 275 miles between charges. The Twin Motor Performance variant pairs the NMC battery with an additional second e-motor, providing all-wheel drive and a powerful acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

Charging the EX30 is also expected to be a fast and convenient experience. The extended-range Twin Motor variant boasts a charging capacity of up to 153 kW, enabling a charge from 10 to 80 percent in just over 26.5 minutes. The car’s center display and app allow users to customize charging settings, such as amperage, maximum charging level, and timing.

To ensure an exceptional driving experience, Volvo has fine-tuned the EX30’s chassis to optimize its compact dimensions. The car’s low center of gravity, evenly distributed weight, and nimbleness make it suitable for both city and highway driving.

Volvo’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the EX30, which is designed to have the lowest carbon footprint of any Volvo car to date. Through emissions reduction efforts across production and the vehicle’s lifecycle, as well as the use of considerate materials, the EX30 achieves a total carbon footprint below 30 tons over 124,274 miles (200,000 kms) of driving.

Safety remains a core focus for Volvo, and the EX30 includes advanced safety features to protect occupants and vulnerable road users. Notably, the car features a special safety feature for bikes, alerting the driver when opening the door near a cyclist, scooter, or runner. The EX30’s protective safety technology and structural design meet Volvo’s rigorous safety standards, preparing the vehicle for various real-world scenarios.

The EX30 interior offers convenience, relaxation, and enjoyment through cutting-edge technology and Scandinavian design. Customers can choose from four distinct interior rooms, each with its own expression, and benefit from smart storage options throughout the cabin. The car’s single-screen user experience incorporates Google services and Volvo’s latest infotainment system, providing a seamless and intuitive interface.

Volvo’s EX30 includes the new generation of Park Pilot Assist, a feature that simplifies parking in various types of spaces

Volvo EX30 interior
Volvo EX30 interior | Courtesy

including parallel, curved, perpendicular, and diagonal fishbone-style parking. The Park Pilot Assist identifies available parking spots and takes control of throttle, brake, and steering while the driver supervises the process. The car’s center screen provides real-time distance measurements to surrounding objects, ensuring a safe and efficient parking experience.

Collaborating with tech partners such as Google, Apple, and Qualcomm, Volvo has created an exceptional user experience in the EX30. The car also benefits from Volvo’s partnership with ECARX through their jointly owned HaleyTek software joint venture, delivering a top-notch infotainment platform.

The EX30 introduces the convenience of digital key functionality, making it easy to share the car and compatible with a wide range of phone brands and models. The dedicated app offers a comprehensive range of services, from locating the car in a crowded parking lot to preheating it on cold winter days. Additionally, the EX30 is designed to receive over-the-air software updates, ensuring continuous improvement and enhancement.

Adding to the ambiance of the interior, the EX30 offers five different ambient lighting themes inspired by various Scandinavian landscapes. Each theme subtly shifts in color, creating a sense of calm and tranquility. Drivers can further enhance the atmosphere by pairing the lighting themes with corresponding ambient soundscapes.

Exciting news awaits prospective buyers as Volvo announces that starting next year, the EX30 will be available as a Cross Country variant. This special version of the small electric SUV will embrace Volvo’s Cross Country heritage and offer bespoke features such as increased ground clearance, 19-inch black wheels, and the option of 18-inch wheels with custom tires. Skid plates, black panels, and Cross Country branding will distinguish the EX30 Cross Country for adventurous drivers.

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