Jill Ettinger

Co-Founder & Global Editorial Director

Jill is based in sunny Hollywood, California. She spends most of her free time in her backyard hammock under the orange trees listening to the birds. As Editorial Director, Jill is always on the lookout for stories shaping the future.


Jackie Lutze

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jackie currently lives in Colorado with her husband, Eric, and their lovable rescue dog, Walter. As Creative Director she is obsessed with photography and telling sustainable stories through the camera lens.

The Ethos Story

Ethos co-founders Jackie Lutze and Jill Ettinger met while working together at LIVEKINDLY. They soon discovered they had a shared passion for sustainability, a love of luxury design and style, wellness, and eco-friendly travel. Ethos was born.

Through Ethos, Jill and Jackie have created the premier platform for living an elevated, sustainable lifestyle. As co-CEOs, the duo is also fostering a workplace that empowers and supports women and a cooperative corporate culture.

Their ethos includes making the most of this one precious life we all have—whether the food we eat, clothes we wear, or the places we go—is there a way to live better while doing better? Can we make our individual journeys more meaningful while also elevating and empowering the world around us?

The Ethos credo is as old as time: live in harmony with nature, lift each other up, and leave things better than we found them. Ethos is here to explore all of that with you, and blaze new, sustainable trails along the way, together.

We’re so happy you’re coming along for the ride.


We believe everyone has a story to tell. At Ethos, our ethos is that the stories lift us up, they enrich our lives and help us make better decisions for ourselves and our planet. Our goal is to help you tell your own story, by curating what we love and what we hope you’ll be inspired by, too. 


Every corner of our planet is a destination. Every beachfront, every mountain top, every 5-star hotel is part of the journey that becomes our individual stories. We know travel isn’t perfect, but it’s a critical part of the human experience. And we want to help you make that journey as perfect as possible. From the best sustainable hotel and resort recommendations to what to do and eat while there, see the world, sustainably.


Here’s a secret: the best in beauty and fashion isn’t just perfect for you, it’s perfect for the planet, too. Sustainable clothes look and feel better. Clean beauty products help you look and feel your best because they are the best. All of our product recommendations are founder tested and approved. We love what we know you’ll love, too.


We are what we eat. But more than that, we are who we share those meals with. Whether that’s our family and friends or new friends we make across the globe, those moments we connect through food nurture us. At Ethos, we will only ever recommend plant-based food, whether recipes, products, or the best vegan places to eat while traveling. Not only does this reflect our commitment to sustainability, but it’s also our commitment to living ethically, too.