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A Note from the Founder

"I created Ethos because a better world is possible."

More than a half-century ago, a change had begun taking hold of the world. Here in America, it was the kind of radical demand for change that brought our country into existence in the first place — the belief that freedom is a birthright, that we all deserve equal rights, peace, love, and happiness. That there is a better way — one that can work for all of us right now — and, critically — for generations to come.

This 1960s idealism was its own kind of revolution, one tied to business, technology, food, art, and the planet itself. It rejected the war and greed inflicted by governments and corporate interests as well as the war and greed we so often inflict on ourselves. This ethos permeated cultures across the globe. It would become synonymous with everything once deemed fringe: from vegetarianism and spiritual practices to working with nature instead of against it.

These simple worldviews inspired a generation. Many of those long-haired Baby Boomers leveraged this movement in ways we now take for granted. What they accomplished was remarkable.

There would be no Google, Apple, or Whole Foods Market without that cultural paradigm shift of the 1960s and ’70s. No electric cars. No oat milk. No Coachella. No solar or wind power. The gargantuan yoga and wellness industries were born out of the 1960s and 1970s, too. Even the psychedelics and cannabis that fueled the counterculture movement are now being used to help treat and prevent diseases, heal trauma, and help us be the better versions of ourselves we all know are possible. Wherever we look, this idealism has seeped into our culture — all in less than a lifetime.

Yet, despite the impact this subculture made, living with this ethos of harmony, sustainability, equity, and inclusivity has long been associated with naive idealism. Being a champion for the planet is all-too-often met with an eye roll, a “treehugger” comment, and the insistence that a single person doing good is never going to change anything.

Except, of course, it has changed nearly everything.

We look to trailblazers like Dr. Martin Luther King, Gloria Steinem, Dr. Jane Goodall as sound examples of what it means to follow your instincts and do what’s right even when the rest of the world isn’t quite ready to hear your voice.

Fortunately, doing better is no longer a fringe worldview: it’s now a way of life for millions of people eating healthier, living more sustainably, and working to make our world a better, more equitable place. And yet, our world now faces an unprecedented number of crises: from pandemics and racial inequality to the looming cloud of climate change and the need for more sustainability across all of our industries and supply chains.

At Ethos, we’re fully aware there is much work to be done. And we’re so inspired by the not-so-quiet revolution happening every day, everywhere we look, from food and fashion to technology, arts, culture, and politics.

We’re showing up to help make our planet more sustainable, equitable, creative, and joyful. We celebrate artistry and entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and science. We demand inclusivity and respect and hold ourselves to this standard. We strive to support and elevate our global community and produce work that matters.

Ethos views sustainability within the context of culture, well-being, and the world we all share. It is not just about the global climate — it is very much about our personal climates, too. From our health to our homes to our journeys, what we choose defines us — and our planet. Through thought-provoking relevant conversations and recommendations, these are the stories we’ll tell. They’re not just the stories of a better world — but the better world we all build together. And we’re all in.

We’re erasing the notion that doing good for the planet and each other has to mean sacrifice. We’re so happy you’re coming along for the ride.

For a better world,

Jill Ettinger, Ethos founder, CEO & Editorial Director
jill ettinger

About Ethos

"In the spirit of reconciliation, Ethos acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the country throughout the U.S. and their connections to the land, sea, and communities. We pay our respect to the Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Indigenous peoples today."

Meet the Team

Jill Ettinger

Founder & Editorial Director

Jill is the founder, CEO, and editorial director of Ethos. She is based in Los Angeles.

Charlotte Pointing

Contributing Editor

Charlotte is a writer and editor based in sunny Southsea on England's southern coast.

Derek Beres


Writer, editor, and co-host of The Conspirituality podcast, based in Portland, Oregon.

Maria Chiorando


Maria Chiorando is a writer and former editor for Plant Based News based in the UK.

Audrey Enjoli


Audrey is a writer based in Los Angeles.

Joan Calabia


Joan is the Director of Brand Marketing for Dockers Europe at Levi Strauss & Co, based in Brussels.

Lauren Toyota

Recipe Editor

Lauren is a vegan cookbook author and creator of the blog, 'Hot for Food' based in Los Angeles.

Luke Newland

Web Administrator

Luke is the technical arm of Ethos, based in Wales, UK.