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7 High-End Kitchen Appliances for an Energy-Efficient, Luxury Home


Bring the best high-end energy-efficient appliances into your luxury kitchen and enjoy the eco-friendly benefits without compromising on style or performance.

Making your home more sustainable is an ongoing process. The best rule of thumb? Use what you have for as long as you can. But there’s a caveat there, especially when it comes to appliances. Energy-inefficient appliances can cost you and the planet.

A recent survey found luxury homeowners are prioritizing sustainability. They want it all: performance, style, and a smaller carbon footprint. That combination has never been easier to achieve. A number of high-end appliance brands are rooted in efficiency and durability as well as supporting their communities and the greater good.

energy efficient eco appliances
Miele appliances | Courtesy

When using energy-efficient appliances, look for those with Energy Star labels, and you can expect to reduce energy costs by between ten and 50 percent. For example, the refrigerator is one of the biggest energy consumers in the home, making up about 13 percent of total energy use. Switching to an energy-efficient model can help to reduce those costs by 15 percent.

What is Energy Star?

A government-backed program for identifying products and appliances that meet specific energy efficiency standards, Energy Star was established in 1992 by the EPA to help consumers find the most energy-efficient appliances to help them reduce costs and lower their carbon footprint.

To qualify for the Energy Star program, products must be in a category where significant energy savings are possible. The products must also offset their higher costs at the time of purchase in savings on energy use within a reasonable period of time. The energy efficiency must be confirmed via product testing and cannot be reliant on proprietary technology. For example, refrigerators must be at least 15 percent more energy-efficient than the minimum federal efficiency standard to qualify for the star rating.

Energy-efficient luxury kitchen appliances

When shopping for high-end kitchen appliances, not all are created equal. Look for brands that are transparent about their supply chains, materials, and environmental commitments. And because many of these products are built to last, you may be able to find them secondhand, too. Always buy the warranty option though—because even high-end products can have issues from time to time.

Miele KFNF 9955 iDE Refrigerator
Miele KFNF 9955 iDE Refrigerator

1.  Miele

Quality is priority number one for German appliance brand Miele. So is durability. The company builds appliances from refrigerators to coking ranges to dishwashers and washing machines that are meant to last decades—and the timeless designs speak to that ethos. With its PerfectFresh technology, Miele’s refrigeration keeps food fresh for up to three times longer than other refrigerators. Its Dyna-Cool air ventilation optimizes temperature and airflow. Miele is the first name in luxury dishwashers, with impressive features and room to fit oversized items. When it comes to cooking, Miele’s ranges are optimized for increased humidity to improve the flavor and texture of food.

Miele is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint and yours. It ranks among the most energy-efficient appliance brands on the market. Miele uses materials that can be recycled and resource-friendly procedures and environmentally-compatible tools in production. And the built-to-last durability and efficiency of all Miele machines is aligned with the conservation of valuable raw materials.

Bertazzoni 36 Inch Induction Range Oven

2.  Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni’s energy-efficient appliances are loved by professionals and home chefs alike. The 140-year-old Italian luxury appliance brand is the world’s oldest family-owned appliance manufacturer, and it prides itself on innovation and responsibility. It engineers ranges, cooktops, ventilation hoods, and accessories for precision cooking. Its appliances come in contemporary, classic, and traditional designs to fit any home decor theme.

The kitchen is the heart of family life, according to Bertazzoni, and it designs appliances to bring families together through the best home-cooked meals. That means the local and world family, too. In the town and region where it’s based, the company nurtures and develops a close-knit community, investing in the region and creating opportunities for future generations. The luxury brand emphasizes durability and quality, using clean and recycled materials, as well as an emphasis on ethical labor throughout the supply chain. All packaging is recyclable, too.

Wolf Gourmet – WGSM100S Stand Mixer – Brushed Stainless Steel

3. Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

There’s a good chance your Sub-Zero appliances, which include the Wolf and Cove ranges, will outlast you. From Coves dishwashers to Wolf’s cooking appliances and Sub-Zero’s refrigeration, these products are meant to last without damaging the planet. Enjoy stylish designs like Wolf’s wall units and module cooktops for modern yet classic looks.

More than 75 percent of the stainless steel and up to 50 percent of the plastic in its refrigerators are recycled materials. The company says it recycles more than 566 tons of scrap metal every year that would otherwise go to landfills. Sub-Zero has also eliminated all wastewater in its manufacturing, recycling nearly 200,000 gallons per year. The energy-efficient appliances require about 15 percent less energy than the competitors, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Bosch – 800 Series 30″ Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven – Stainless steel

4.  Bosch

Sustainability is baked into European appliance giant Bosch, with a Silver Ecovadis status, the company’s values bring responsibility and accountability to its entire supply chain. As of 2020, the company is climate-neutral on its Scope 1 and 2 emissions, verified by an independent auditing company. And it is working to reduce emissions across the rest of its value chain. German engineering delivers high quality and optimal performance with a minimalistic style that works in any home.

The “invented for life” motto has a few meanings: enjoy it now, built to last, and with its emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability, it can also mean with regard for life on this planet.

Fisher & Paykel – 36-In 18.9 cu ft Freestanding Quad Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel – Stainless steel

5.  Fisher & Paykel

Since 1934, New Zealand-based Fisher & Paykel’s goal has been to be the most human-centered appliance brand in the world. It’s well on its way, with luxury appliances crafted to elevate everyday routines through cutting-edge design, energy efficiency, and superior performance. The top-of-the-line refrigeration systems and pro-quality ranges and ovens ensure optimal performance while reducing energy use.

Through ongoing research and development backed by a culture of open innovation, collaboration, and curiosity, Fisher & Paykel is constantly working on ideas that connect with its customers and respect the planet. Through its in-house recycling program, the company keeps an average of 25,000 appliances out of landfills every year. Washing machines, for example, are sent to a company called Eco Innovation, which turns them into hydroelectricity generators; just one Eco Innovation PowerSpout can produce more than 8,000 kWh per year — enough to power an average household.

Dacor – 36″ Counter-Depth Free Standing Refrigerator – Multi

6. Dacor

An EPA award-winning luxury appliance brand, Dacor was an early adopter of environmentally safer R600a refrigerant and a commitment to Energy Star. R600a is a naturally occurring refrigerant that’s 40 percent more efficient than others (like R134a), and it has a much smaller carbon footprint. The company demonstrates that a luxury homeowner can make choices better for the planet while not compromising on design or performance.

Renowned for its refrigerators, with the largest capacity on the market at each column width, Dacor’s units come in stainless steel or panel-ready. Its column system preserves freshness, reducing food waste, and adjusting temperatures for all of your food storage needs. Outfitted with LED lighting, the refrigerators also offer View Inside technology with a built-in door camera to simplify shopping and reduce opening the door to dig around for items.

La Cornue – 110 Induction Blanc with Stainless Steel & Polished Chrome

7. La Cornue

Bring French culture into your kitchen with the brand’s convection ovens handcrafted for more than a century. That’s right, every range is built entirely by hand, with the craftsman’s unique number engraved in every unit. This is an appliance that will last generations.

Founded in 1908 by Albery Dupuy to offer an alternative to the options at the time, La Cornue is considered the Bentley of ranges. And it’s still delivering on its promise to be a cut above the rest. While it doesn’t boast an Energy Star rating, La Cornue is made for efficiency and durability. Materials including cast iron, steel, solid brass, nick, and enamel are meticulously sourced and each unit is made by a single person who follows it through every stage of production. La Cornue offers more than 50 colors currently, but it can apply any color to its ranges. This is design par excellence and worth the two-month minimum wait it takes for your custom range.

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