Friday, December 9, 2022

5 Sustainable Ways to Change Your Mood: Wellness Products to Swear By


To keep our internal wellsprings flowing, we turn to these wellness products for a bit of help.

What does wellness mean to you? In this day and age, it’s a more powerful word than ever. Does it mean free from covid? Does it mean low cholesterol? A healthy BMI? What about our mental health? Does that count? For the Ethos founders, it means all of these and more. Wellness is sustainability in its truest sense.

The best way to take care of ourselves is to let our bodies do the brunt of the work. And that means foods and supplements that heal and protect, routines and rituals that nurture and rejuvenate. These wellness products will boost your health, your mood, and everything in between.

1. mykind Organics Vitamin C Spray

Millions of people increased their vitamin C intake during the early days of covid lockdown for immune-boosting. It’s such an important nutrient in fending off and recovering from all manner of germs. But did you know vitamin C also helps with stress reduction? And if we need anything as much as immune protection these days, it’s also a bit of stress relief.

Try Alicia Silverstone’s MyKind Organics vitamin C. The actor and entrepreneur (and mom!) takes such care to ensure the products are made with the highest quality organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. The spray is super convenient to keep at the desk or when on the go.

2. Traditional Medicinals Ginger Tea

Ginger is an incredibly powerful multi-hyphenate. It’s a digestive soother, an anti-inflammatory, and it helps fight unwanted viruses and bacteria. It’s even been linked to cancer prevention.

But if nothing else, ginger tea is a calming ritual, like any cup of tea. Traditional Medicinals is the category leader because the quality assurance can’t be beat. The company works closely with its farmer partners in organic ingredient production. Based on traditional European herbalism, the formulations have been relied on for ages.

3. Public Goods Uplift Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils are often dismissed as woo-woo hippie stuff. But science shows us that scents are powerful—going directly to the brain, which can trigger a whole host of responses, including pulling up age-old memories.

One thing they can do is change our moods—almost immediately. And essential oils are the way to go for that instead of toxic air fresheners or candles. These pure plant extracts are potent concentrations that can do a lot with very little.

The essential oil blends like the citrusy Uplift. It is so fresh and bright, like cheer in a bottle. And research shows citrus scent may have benefits on our mood. And adding to that mood boost is knowing that Public Goods only makes sustainable products that are better for the planet, too.

4. Athletic Greens

There’s so much hype around the brand, and it makes sense. You could literally eat nothing else but this stuff and be healthier than most people. It packs in all the nutrients including protein and fiber as well as all the vitamins and minerals that even the healthiest eaters have trouble getting in their diet.

The company is green in other ways, too: offsetting freight emissions, working with cGMP-certified suppliers, and prioritizing plastic-free and recyclable packaging.

5. Yuve Probiotic Gummies

Adult vitamin gummies are great for those who hate swallowing pills, especially if that has made you inconsistent with your vitamin habit.

These vegan gummies from Yuve are delicious and effective. They are sugar-free, vegan, and organic and use ingredients grown through sustainable farming in the United States.


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