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7 Cool Hoodies and Sweatshirts That Deliver Streetwear Style With Eco Materials


Snuggle up with these cozy sustainable hoodies and sweatshirts for an effortlessly cool streetwear style.

Sweatpants and hoodies reign supreme in the work-from-home arena. They’re unrestrictive, warm, comfortable, and, in the case of these seven brands, doing some great stuff for the planet, too. Because hoodies (and sweats) are typically made from cotton, it’s an easy area to improve on with organic or Fair Trade materials, low-impact dyes, and ethical labor practices. Doesn’t that give you an extra cozy feeling?

But the real reason we love these hoodies? They’re effortlessly cool — both for you and the planet. Snuggle up, stay warm, and do your part for the planet with comfort and style.

1. Pangaia 365 Hoodie

Pangaia has been a leader in sustainable staples since its inception. It is dedicated to clean energy, sustainable and organic materials, and quality products. Its full collection ranges from denim jackets to the best sustainable sweats, and of course, hoodies. The 365 Hoodie is perfectly chic and comfy. It is made from organic cotton. The cotton is all-natural, grown using renewable agriculture, and it is fully biodegradable when its no longer wearable. The water used in growing the cotton is 95 percent recycled rainwater.

2. Pact Vintage Relaxed Hoodie Tee

Pact is dedicated to fair labor, organic materials, and gorgeous wardrobe staples. Its product ranges across women, men, kid, baby, and home goods — so you will always be cozy. You’ll love this hooded tee for slightly warmer days. And be sure to check the company’s new gender-neutral collection, too.

3. Made Trade Warm-Up Hoodie

Made Trade not only uses sustainable materials but works with fair trade artisans across the world. Each of its items comes with a note about the garment worker so consumers can see the face behind their clothes. Made Trade is women-owned and carbon-neutral. This Warm Up hoodie is the perfect classic hoodie. Crafted with organic cotton it is thick for those cold winter days and has a kangaroo pocket.

4. TenTree Constellation Juniper Hoodie

Most of TenTree’s products are crafted from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. The company direct offsets all of its emissions by planting trees in areas facing deforestation. It is also eliminating single-use plastic from its packaging and replacing it with FSC-certified recycled paper. How cute is the constellation print on this organic cotton hoodie, which was printed with Oeko-Tex certified ink? It’s a little more than your basic hoodie and is perfect with sweats or jeans.

Terra thread hoodie

5. Terra Thread Organic Cotton Pullover

You’ll want to stay wrapped up in this regenerative organic certified cotton pullover hoodie well into the spring. It’s made of heavyweight cotton thick enough to keep you warm even on chilly days but soft and flexible enough for lazy days on the couch, too. The all-gender design is your new go-to for after the gym, running errands, travel, and more.

Terra Threads is committed to organic, fair trade labor, and operates out of a carbon neutral factory for clothing you’ll fee good about wearing over and over again.

6. Mate the Label, Oversized Sweatshirt

When it comes to hoodies and sweatshirts, it’s all about the oversized. Get that blanket effect with this cozy sweatshirt from Mate the Label. It’s big and soft and so totally comfortable. It’s made with organic cotton and cotton fleece, and produces 14.9 percent less carbon than conventional options. It uses 43.7 percent less water, too.

Also made in Los Angeles, the company upholds a strict list of restricted substances—keeping toxic carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other harmful chemicals out of the supply chain. The women-focused brand is all about ethics. “Everyone in our supply chain — farmers, garment workers, and recyclers — must be treated with respect, and must make responsible choices when it comes to carbon emissions, water use, and chemical use.”

7. Los Angeles Apparel, Heavy Fleece Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt

All of Los Angeles Apparel’s hoodies are made in the U.S. (Los Angeles!). And this classic hooded sweatshirt is a perfect way to cozy up. The company is committed to sustainability and ethical work environments. There’s no off-shoring, no subcontracting, and, it supports U.S. farmers, using organic or recycled cotton in its designs.

“We continue to lead the charge on ethical production practices and nearly 100 percent of our production and shipping byproducts are recycled — including our scrap fabric, paper, boxes, plastic and everything that goes into manufacturing garments,” reads the LAA website. “We are consistently developing new products that use our leftover and scrap fabric to create one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces and finding new ways to upcycle damaged or dated garments.”

The California-based company also points to the state’s most stringent environmental protection rules when it comes to materials dyeing. “By dyeing and finishing all of our textiles or garments in California, you are assured our fabric processing is environmentally friendly.”

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