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Dr. Martens Adds Resale In the U.S., Repair In the U.K.: ‘An Exciting Step’


Dr. Martens has introduced ReWair, its inaugural resale initiative in the U.S., and a repair service in the U.K. underscoring a commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

The new Dr. Martens resale platform revitalizes pre-owned Dr. Martens boots, shoes, and bags, ensuring they remain in circulation and maintain the brand’s signature robustness. With the aid of Tersus Solutions, technicians will refurbish these items, which can then be purchased through the platform supported by Archive’s technology, which is used by labels including The North Face, Oscar de la Renta, and New Balance.

The resale initiative is part of Dr. Martens’ broader aim to achieve net zero by 2040, aligning with its long-standing emphasis on durability since its inception in 1960. “ReWair is an exciting step towards a more circular future for Dr. Martens,” Anna Wickes, Recommerce Lead at Dr. Martens, said in a statement. “Timeless design and durability have always been core to our brand, and we’re passionate about offering resale to our U.S. wearers. ReWair is just one of the ways we’re extending the life of our products as we work towards being Net-Zero by 2040.”

‘A major milestone’

The ReWair program will also introduce a trade-in option at select Dr. Martens retail locations, beginning in Los Angeles and Portland. Customers can exchange their used Dr. Martens footwear and bags for a $20 discount voucher applicable toward new purchases.

Doc Martens Rewair display.
Rewair on display in Portland | Photo courtesy Dr. Martens

Peter Whitcomb, CEO of Tersus Solutions, highlighted the significance of this partnership, calling ReWair a “major milestone for branded resale.” Tersus Solutions will provide Dr. Martens with proprietary operational and cleaning services to give the secondhand products a new life. “ReWair firmly establishes the branded resale service model we pioneered and built in conjunction with Archive in early 2022 as the best way for brands to offer resale to their customers,” Whitcomb said. “One in which all parties will make a profit, while also delighting customers and disrupting the traditional linear consumption model.”

Emily Gittins, CEO and Co-founder of Archive, also expressed enthusiasm. “ReWair was designed to give customers an easy, accessible way to keep Dr. Martens products in circulation, as well as provide consumers with a better buying experience for pre-loved shoes at an accessible price point,” she said. “We’re proud to partner with Dr. Martens to launch a full-service recommerce program that keeps shoes out of landfills, attracts new customers, and builds existing customer loyalty.”

Dr. Martens repair in the U.K.

Dr. Martens has also announced a collaboration with The Boot Repair Co. to introduce a dedicated repair service in the U.K. This initiative allows customers to refurbish their boots, shoes, sandals, and accessories. Utilizing the same equipment, techniques, and materials as those used in the production of new Dr. Martens products, the service offers more than ten distinct repair options. These include sole replacements, stitching repairs, and the fitting of new zips and eyelets, among others.

Models in Dr. Martens boots.
Photo courtesy Dr. Martens

A spokesperson from the company highlighted the brand’s commitment to durability and customer satisfaction, stating, “Whilst we pride ourselves on the durability of our products, we know that our wearers purchase our shoes and accessories to be worn day in and day out, making it impossible for them not to experience general wear and tear.” They added, “As a brand we care about the longevity of our silhouettes and we know our customers do, too, so launching our repair service felt like a great way to give customers the option to breathe new life into their well-worn Doc’s.”

Accessing the repair and Rewair services is straightforward. Customers in the U.K. can visit the Repair Service section on the Dr. Martens website, select the necessary repair, add it to their basket, and choose ‘return delivery’ at checkout. And secondhand Doc Marten boots, shoes, and bags will be available for purchase online at or at participating stores in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.

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