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Eco Bathing Suits to Keep You and the Planet Cool


Whether the weather is warm where you are, or you’re preparing for a luxe vacation to someplace where it’s always warm, you need the perfect swimwear — and by perfect, we mean sustainable. These eco bathing suits are must-haves for your long, hot, and completely ethical summer ahead.

It likely comes as no surprise that in the world of sustainable fashion, swim, and beachwear are among the top growing niches. Maybe it’s that beach-goers and surfers have an undeniable connection to the ocean and the pollution that is crippling it? Whatever the reason, the number of chic swimsuit brands that are dedicated to protecting the oceans that their consumers frequent gives us a plethora of options.

Traditional swimwear production often involves synthetic materials like nylon and polyester, which are derived from petroleum and contribute to pollution. But a rising number of swimwear labels are focusing on using eco-friendly materials and production methods that minimize environmental impact. Materials include recycled fabrics, such as Econyl, made from discarded fishing nets and other plastic waste, and biodegradable alternatives that help to reduce waste and decrease the use of water and water pollution common in the industry as a result of the discharge of toxic chemicals into water bodies.

Sustainable swimwear brands

Instead of following fast fashion’s model of rapid production and frequent turnover, these sustainable swimwear producers are creating high-quality, durable pieces designed to last for multiple seasons. Whether searching for a timeless bikini or a floral one-piece, these sustainable brands have something for everyone so you’re summer-ready in style.

Lounge poolside, beachside, or out on a boat for some much-needed vitamin D and show off your new sustainable swimwear. (Remember the sunscreen).


Known for its chic and French-inspired clothing, the Sézane swimwear is just as exceptional. Designed with timeless cuts and luxury fabrics, they are created with longevity in mind. All of the garments are made in audited factories in Tunisia and are shipped in recycled packaging.

Vitamin A

A cult favorite and ’70s-inspired brand for sustainable summer wear, Vitamin A is dedicated to combining sustainability and style. All of its swimwear is made in California, using plant-based and recycled materials. Whenever possible, the brand’s prints are created with water-reducing digital technology and packaged in fully recyclable and biodegradable boxes.

Vitamin A also proudly supports 1% For the Planet and gives back to organizations working to protect our oceans and the environment.


Known for their sustainable yoga essentials, Wolven also crafts fun, sustainable swimwear. They easily stand out from the crowd with their bold, vibrant patterns.

Along with its dedication to using recycled fabric, the company invests in programs that offset its emissions and address its carbon footprint by partnering with Climate Neutral.


U.K.-based brand Boden crafts its swimwear from ECONYL® regenerated fabric, including discarded fishing nets. Aside from helping to clean up our oceans, Boden is also dedicated to protecting its workers and investing in education and workplace support for women.

Sick of replacing your suit after just one season? Boden boasts a 365-day return policy, but hope that you’ll be wearing your swimwear for years to come.


Chic and minimalist, Londre crafts exceptional swimwear from recycled materials, sourced from an Oeko-Tex-certified factory. Each bathing suit uses at least six recycled plastic bottles. The company has recycled more than 10,000 bottles so far.

Originally created to design the most flattering cut of bodywear, Londre now applies its exceptional fitting patterns to swimwear. Made to withstand the wear and tear of salt, sand, and sweat.

Casa Raki

Inspired by the founder’s childhood on the Uruguayan coast, this chic collection of suits features flattering cuts and tropical colors, all created from Econyl.

Designed in London the pieces are then handmade in a women-owned and operated factory in Portugal. The brand also promotes repairing, upcycling, and reselling your pre-loved pieces.


Chic designs combined vintage floral patterns create an effortless summer style. While on the higher end for swimwear, each piece is crafted for long-lasting fit retention making it worth the investment

Another brand dedicated to using recycled fishing nets to help clean up our oceans and ethically sewn in LA.


For simple, sleek, and stunning silhouettes look no further than Jade. Founded by former fashion editor and stylist Brittany Kozerski, Jade crafts tops, bottoms, and one-pieces that are multi-functional. Many of its suits easily pair with a skirt, jeans, or into the rest of your wardrobe. Designed in NYC and sewn in LA, with organic, recycled, and regenerated materials.


Medina is another swimwear brand focused on ocean clean-up by using regenerated nylon made from plastics found in waterways. The high-quality material is UV-proof, as well as sun cream-, oil- and chlorine-resistant. The brand supports and promotes different non-profit organizations that are dedicated to protecting and cleaning the oceans.

Mindy Kaling for Andie.
Mindy Kaling for Andie | Courtesy

Andie Swim

With celebrity backers like Mindy Kaling, Andie Swim takes its eco commitments seriously. It uses recycled polyester in its shells and linings for cute wear-anywhere swimwear.

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