Thursday, June 8, 2023

2023’s 15 ‘Buy It For Life’ Items, According to One of the Most Popular Subreddits


The new campaign between Swedish fintech company Klarna and Reddit is timed to coincide with Earth Week and pulls recommendations from the BuyItForLife subreddit, which was created in 2011 and now has more than 1.4 million subscribers.

The community advocates for a sustainable mindset, including purchasing high-quality, durable products that will last longer to reduce waste. The BIFL list includes the most frequently mentioned durable products from various categories that are highlighted by the community as long-lasting, including sandals from Teva and Birkenstock, a backpack from JanSport, boots from Red Wing, and a water bottle from Klean Kanteen.

“With our growing ecosystem of 150 million global consumers in mind, we’re thrilled to team up with Reddit and the BIFL-community to inspire people to buy products that last longer, saving you money and reducing waste,” Salah Said, Head of Sustainability at Klarna, said in a statement.

Le Creuset cookware is a kitchen essential. Photo Courtesy Becca Tapert I Unsplash

Klarna scanned the BuyItForLife community to find the most frequently mentioned products in 2022 and filtered the results by positive and neutral sentiment to generate the 2023 BIFL list. Klarna says it aims to update the list annually. The company also rolled out Conscious and Shop Circular collections in its app to help consumers shop more sustainably.

The list of most durable items include:

  1. Office chair “Aeron” (Herman Miller)
  2. Clipper (Wahl)
  3. Water boiler (Zojirushi)
  4. Bag (Filson)
  5. Sandals (Birkenstock)
  6. Cookware set (Le Creuset
  7. Tableware (Corelle)
  8. Boots (Red Wing)           
  9. Boots (Dr. Martens)           
  10. Water bottle (Nalgene)           
  11. Kettle (All-Clad)           
  12. Backpack (JanSport)           
  13. Thermos (Stanley)           
  14. Water bottle (Klean Kanteen)           
  15. Sandals (Teva)

“This list is based on the experience and opinions from the toughest test group out there: the people. We have seen the r/BuyItForLife-community grow and flourish for more than a decade, and are super excited to partner with Klarna to shine a light on the community and share all the great insights gathered by our Reddit users that inspire people to shop more consciously,” said Yvonne Quinn, Head of International Business Marketing at Reddit. 

Sustainability has become an increasingly important factor among today’s shoppers. A recent Bain & Company report found that product quality and durability are among the top purchasing factors for shoppers worldwide. According to Klarna’s latest Shopping Pulse, nearly 23 percent of global shoppers actively seek out brands that are ethical and sustainable.

doc martens
Doc Martens can be dressed up or down. Photo Courtesy Mike Von | Unsplash

Klarna has launched several initiatives to provide consumers with tools and insights to shop more consciously. Last year, the company launched a search and comparison tool to help consumers find the best price among thousands of retailers. Other recently launched features and updates include conscious badges in the Klarna app highlighting electronics brands’ environmental achievements, a resell feature that enables shoppers in Sweden to resell their previous purchases directly through the Klarna app, and conscious brands that promote environmental and social achievements in the apparel category.

The CO2e tracker in the Klarna app also received significant upgrades, providing shoppers worldwide with emissions data at a product level for more than 70 million items. Klarna’s Give One initiative allows consumers, retailers, and partners to come together and contribute to solving the planet’s health crisis.

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