Monday, December 11, 2023

Limited-Edition Co-Branded Watch Launched by B Corps Maker’s Mark and Solios


Maker’s Mark, the renowned Kentucky Straight Bourbon producer, has taken a significant step into the Canadian market by announcing its first-ever partnership with Solios Watches, a frontrunner in solar-powered timepieces.

The collaboration between Maker’s Mark and Solios, two pioneering brands, showcases an exciting fusion of fashion and sustainability. The partnership has led to the creation of a limited-edition co-branded watch, blending style and eco-consciousness. The goal behind this collaboration is to illustrate that style and positive impact can coexist without compromise.

Maker’s Mark has long been known for its commitment to social and environmental initiatives, and this collaboration with fellow B Corp, Solios, is an extension of that dedication.

B Corporations are known for meeting stringent standards of social and environmental performance, and Solios is no stranger to this commitment. The Montreal-based company, established in 2019, has made its mark in sustainable fashion by being the world’s first watch company to receive a B Corp Certification.

makers mark whiskey
Maker’s Mark is regenerative certified | Courtesy

Solios watches blend aesthetics and environmental consciousness. Made from recycled stainless steel and eco, vegan leather, the watches are as stylish as they are durable. Moreover, they are packaged in award-winning, 100 percent recycled, and recyclable paper that is also FSC-certified. This aligns with the B Corporation’s larger goal, uniting more than 4,000 certified corporations from across the globe, all striving towards a collective and sustainable multi-billion-dollar marketplace.

“Solios shares its core values with Maker’s Mark, and we are dedicated to demonstrating that both fashion-forward design and protecting the planet can go hand in hand,” Samuel Leroux, Co-Founder, Solios Watches, said in a statement. “With the release of the Maker’s Mark x Solios Watch, we are proud to raise a glass to the fusion of sustainability and sophistication, empowering individuals to make planet-positive choices while savouring every moment.”

Maker’s Mark’s storied history adds depth to this partnership. Founded in 1953 by Bill Samuels, Sr., in Loretto, Kentucky, the brand transformed bourbon from a commodity to a premium handmade spirit. The company continues to make its bourbon with the same care and process that it did 60 years ago. This tradition of quality has led to accolades such as a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2021 and a Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge in 2022.

As part of its ‘Make Your Mark. Leave No Trace.’ mission, Maker’s Mark has launched an innovative series of projects at its Star Hill Farm property in Kentucky to preserve the natural resources that go into making its bourbon, such as a distillery-wide zero landfill program and implementing a solar array that powers its warehouse complex.

Maker's Mark
Courtesy Maker’s Mark

“Partnering with Solios has been a fantastic experience,” Megan Cuff, Brand Manager at Beam Suntory, Maker’s Mark parent company, said in a statement. “The release of the Maker’s Mark x Solios Watch symbolizes the future of sustainable craftsmanship and what is possible when brands commit to doing good.” 

In addition to its classic offering, Maker’s Mark has introduced innovative, super-premium products such as Maker’s Mark 46, Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, and Maker’s Mark Private Selection, the brand’s first-ever custom barrel program.

The news follows Maker’s Mark recent launch of its oldest bourbon yet — the limited edition Cellar Aged collection.

The limited-edition Maker’s Mark and Solios co-branded watches will be available for purchase via Solios’ website, starting today. Only 146 pieces will be on sale, priced at $390 CAD, plus applicable taxes and shipping.

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