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NoWatch Still Doesn’t Tell Time, But With Its New AI Wellness Features, You Won’t Care What Time It Is


Looking to up your health tracking in the new year? NoWatch, renowned for its customized approach to wellness, has unveiled its latest AI-powered feature, NoWatch Insights, alongside a new series of Chronos designer timepiece faces.

NoWatch’s new features announcement marks a significant step forward in how individuals can monitor and understand their health and well-being through technology. The smartwatch company will showcase its new developments at CES Unveiled Las Vegas on January 7, 2024, at Mandalay Bay and subsequently at the NL Tech Pavilion in Eureka Park at the Venetian Expo.

NoWatch is known for its ability to measure stress, sleep, and other health activities, and, like other health trackers like Apple Watches and Oura Rings, has consistently focused on enabling users to actively manage their health. The company says the introduction of NoWatch Insights represents a leap in personalized health monitoring. This feature, leveraging advanced AI, synthesizes various data to provide users with custom daily summaries and suggestions tailored to their unique wellness goals and interests. The flexibility to adjust the narrative’s tone and length adds a further layer of personalization, aiding users in understanding the interplay between various health factors and their overall well-being.

NoWatch is bringing more data insights to its health tracking | Courtesy

Timothée Manschot, CEO and co-founder of NoWatch, emphasizes the distinct nature of NoWatch Insights, saying, “Our AI-driven NoWatch Insights functionality stands apart by prioritizing thoughtful, high-quality responses over rapid, chatbot-style exchanges that only incentivize people to be on their phone more. Our unique approach guides the AI towards deep, analytical processing that is grounded in science, ensuring meaningful insights that make our AI a truly personal companion on your wellness journey. Data privacy and control by our users of the AI application is at the core of our design.”

Addressing the contemporary issue of stress, which the World Health Organization identifies as the primary health challenge of the 21st century, NoWatch says it offers a solution that transcends the pitfalls of typical health trackers. These devices, while informative, can often lead to increased stress and health anxiety. NoWatch, designed as an “awareable,” circumvents this issue by providing insightful, yet non-intrusive, health tracking.

The launch of Chronos designer watch faces introduces a stylish element to NoWatch. These interchangeable faces, available in Classic and Essence styles, maintain the device’s health-tracking capabilities while offering a traditional watch appearance (still minus the timekeeping element of conventional watches).

woman wearing nowatch
Courtesy NoWatch

Users can customize their NoWatch with various precious gemstones or metal discs, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. The brand also offers eco-friendly strap options, including recycled ocean-bound plastic and Italian bio leather.

“With NoWatch Chronos we invite people to consider – perhaps for the first time – how time rules their existence,” said NoWatch President and co-founder Hylke Muntinga. “NoWatch users can choose to be guided by time — or not — simply with the choice of a Chronos disc, a gemstone or a metal disc, just like they decide between being active in their daily life, with friends or at work, and decide when they want to take time out for themselves, to recalibrate and ‘find their calm.'”

NoWatch achieves its high-level of health tracking through advanced features such as skin conductance measurement, stress estimation, personalized vibrations, individual stress fingerprinting, and in-app breathing exercises and lifestyle recommendations. By combining these sophisticated technologies, NoWatch not only provides data but also empowers users to understand and manage their stress effectively.

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