Friday, February 23, 2024

Silent Resorts Fiji Will Be the Second Solar-Powered Luxury Silent Yachts Resort


Following its Bahamian effort currently underway, Silent Resorts, a division of the eco boat builder Silent Yachts, has announced plans to launch a solar-powered, sustainable luxury resort in Fiji.

Silent Yachts’ evolution in solar electric catamarans has garnered attention as its vessels have ventured into uncharted waters. And now, Silent Resorts is creating luxurious accommodations that emphasize sustainable living. Silent Resort is expected to welcome guests to Fiji by 2025.

“After careful consideration of various potential locations, we are excited to be finalizing the approval process for our newest destination in Fiji,” Victor Barrett, Head of Silent Resorts, said in a statement.

“When we officially unveil the location in the coming months, we will offer exclusive stays at our existing facilities, providing an opportunity for interested individuals to personally experience Silent Resorts Fiji. With its untouched natural beauty on land and sea, coupled with the warm hospitality of the Fijian people, this serves as the perfect foundation to create our next luxury adventure destination—’radical sustainability.’ Through innovative ownership options, our aim is to make island residence and luxury yacht ownership more accessible and affordable.”

silent resorts
Silent Resorts is coming to Fiji. Rendering courtesy Silent Yachts

The Silent Resorts concept draws inspiration from decades of research and development, coupled with a wealth of sailing experience covering 75,000 nautical miles around the world.

The first phase of the Fijian resort will feature 16 solar-powered, four-bedroom residences and eight Silent yachts. The yachts not only contribute to the resort’s energy needs but also serve as unique offshore accommodations for residents.

The future sanctuary will boast 28 Silent Estate Residences, each featuring four, five, or six bedrooms, along with 14 two-bedroom Silent Marina Residences and ten two-bedroom Silent Beach Club Residences. Guests will relish exclusive access to a fleet of solar-electric-powered tenders, speed boats, and catamarans, providing an eco-friendly means to explore Fiji’s natural wonders.

Construction is progressing at the Bahamas resort, which is slated for completion in early 2024. The first “Silent Marina” has already been unveiled, providing a home for the inaugural SILENT-55 solar-electric catamaran, primed to offer a remarkable voyage to its guests.

Once the Bahamas residences are finalized, Silent Resorts plans to introduce the SILENT-62 Tri-Deck yacht. Building upon the success in the Bahamas, Silent Resorts now presents 24 exclusive “Founding Memberships” that offer members benefits and income opportunities.

“Owners at Silent Resorts can explore the stunning natural surroundings on board the world’s first fully solar-powered yachts, which are seamlessly integrated with the resorts’ pre-engineered, modular, low-impact land-based infrastructure,” said Silent Yachts founder and CEO Michael Köhler. “In short, we are offering the ultimate Fijian escape to our owners, where the most difficult question they will ever have to answer is: ‘When do we want to go back to our private island paradise?’”

Owners who invest in Silent Resorts Fiji will also have the opportunity to apply for Fijian residency, enabling them to enjoy extended stays in this tropical paradise. Additionally, Silent Resorts pledges to manage each owner’s residence, allowing for potential passive income through rental opportunities.

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