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Cleanse Your Skin With Clean-Ingredient Makeup Removers (Including DIY Options)


A good makeup remover is essential. Cleanse your skin with these vegan, clean-ingredient makeup removers or DIY your own.

Getting ready for the day and putting on makeup is (for the most part) a fun experience. But taking it off? That is usually not quite as fun — especially if you’re tired and just want to crawl into bed as soon as possible. But, we’re sorry to say, it’s still important that you’re not tempted to skip this vital step in your bedtime routine. Here’s why your skin will definitely thank you for taking the time to remove your makeup, and some of the best removers to do it with (including DIY options!).

Why is it important to always take makeup off before bed?

Not taking your makeup off before you hit the pillow can have some annoying (and sometimes even painful) consequences. Products like foundation and concealer can clog pores, and if they’re not removed effectively, this can lead to breakouts, for example. They can also dry out the skin, and other products like mascara can even lead to eye infections if they’re not removed. Taking off your makeup also allows your skin to breathe and regenerate overnight, leaving you looking healthier and rejuvenated in the morning.

Best vegan makeup removers

Finding the right makeup remover for you can make the process of taking off your makeup easier and more rewarding, so it’s worth investing in a formula your skin loves. Here are some of our favorites. 

Aesop Remove

Aesop Remove

Another oil-based formula, Aesop’s Remove was developed especially for delicate skin areas, like around the eyes and the lips. The soothing formula will effectively clear away mascara, for example, while calming down your skin at the same time. One of the key ingredients is blue chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Stella McCartney Reset Cleanser

Stella McCartney Reset Cleanser

This refillable cleanser from Stella McCartney’s luxury skincare range is made with more than 99 percent natural ingredients, including hydrating sunflower oil, mineral-rich marine spring water, and firming organic birch sap. This means that while the formula melts away makeup, sunscreen, and pollution, it is nourishing and restoring your skin at the same time. 

L'occitane cleanser

L’Occitane Cleansing Oil to Milk

From the certified B Corp L’Occitane, this formula relies on the cleansing, skin-rejuvenating, and soothing powers of immortelle and calendula to help remove makeup and dirt while leaving skin soft, supple, and smooth. The unique Oil-to-Milk formula transforms from a smooth oil into a milky emulsion when mixed with water. The gentle cleanser is tough on makeup, including stubborn waterproof products like mascara and lipstick.

Farmacy cleanser

Farmacy Green Clean

Farmacy’s Green Clean balm, which has a sorbet-like texture until it hits your skin, will help to melt away makeup and gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin at the same time. It contains papaya extract, which helps to retexture skin, as well as a refreshing, delicious-smelling blend of lime, bergamot, and orange essential oils. Even better: the jar is recyclable, too. 

Fenty Cleans'r

Fenty Skin Total Cleans’r 

Just like Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s Fenty Skin doesn’t disappoint with quality formulas that really work. This Total Cleans’r will help to remove makeup, as well as any other stubborn dirt or oil, without leaving your face feeling dry or tight. It contains ginkgo biloba, an anti-inflammatory plant extract, as well as antioxidant-rich Barbados cherry and vitamin-packed quince, which work together to nourish, brighten, and restore your skin. 

DIY vegan makeup remover recipes

If you’d prefer to try your hand at making your own vegan makeup remover from scratch, this is more than possible with just a handful of effective ingredients. Here, we’ve compiled a few of our top suggestions. But one important note: if you’re prone to skin conditions, it’s best to stick to the store-bought options or check with a dermatologist before experimenting. 

Rosewater and aloe gel

Leading beauty platform Byrdie recommends mixing rosewater into aloe gel, before applying it to cotton wool. Gently massage the mixture into your skin to remove makeup, but note this may only work on water-based formulas, so you may need another store-bought option as a backup to ensure you’ve removed all residue.

Castor oil and olive oil

According to Healthline, a simple mix of castor oil and olive oil can actually help to pull excess oil out of particularly oily skin. Mix in a bottle, apply a small amount to your skin, and allow to dry before steaming with a warm, moist cloth.

Coconut oil and olive oil

Taste of Home recommends mixing together these two simple cooking ingredients to create a simple yet effective DIY makeup remover. Again, make sure to use a warm, moist cloth to thoroughly remove the mixture and the makeup from your skin, before rubbing in that all-important moisturizer. 

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