Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Bentley Releases Its First Sustainability Report: ‘We Aim to Become the World’s Benchmark’


Luxury automotive company Bentley Motors has released its inaugural Sustainability Report and announced the launch of the Bentley Sustainability Council.

On its continuing mission to become a sustainability leader in the automotive sector, Bentley Motors has launched two key initiatives: its first-ever Sustainability Report and the Bentley Sustainability Council. Both align with the British automaker’s Beyond100 sustainability strategy.

“We aim to become the world’s benchmark luxury car business, a leader in Sustainable Luxury Mobility, that is resilient for every challenge we encounter,” Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, says in the report.

“Whilst we continue to address the vital climate and societal challenges we face
today, we have maintained our place as the most sought-after Sustainable Luxury
Mobility brand, the foundations of which have been built over the last 102 years,” Hallmark said.

“This places us in a stronger position than ever before to engage in the innovation and collaboration required to become the leader in Sustainable Luxury Mobility. It is no small task, but we are not frightened by it, we are inspired by it,” Hallmark wrote.

Bentley electric car
Courtesy Bentley

Through the Sustainability Report, Bentley highlights the roadmap to achieving its goals and initiatives implemented throughout its value chain, notably at its historic Crewe campus and in its latest range of luxury cars.

The company’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by a £2.5 billion, ten-year sustainability investment program announced in 2022. This program focuses on future products and the transformation of Bentley’s Pyms Lane factory in Crewe, where all Bentley models are handcrafted, including the production of the next generation of all-electric cars.

The report notes the automaker will offer plug-in hybrids in all models from 2024, working toward transitioning to all BEV models by 2030 and end-to-end carbon neutral by the end of 2030. “We have made sure our strategy can adapt to any material changes, whether internal or external, whilst staying focused on our vision and purpose,” reads the report.

The company’s commitment to sustainability has also resulted in a rise in operating profits by nearly €1 billion in five years, reaching €708 million.

Hallmark expressed the company’s commitment to transparency and its pursuit of a more sustainable future. “The report will be an annual publication, highlighting our progress as we move towards our Beyond100 targets,” Hallmark said. He further emphasized the importance of the newly established Sustainability Council. “The new established Sustainability Council will challenge our progress and aids our mission to become the global  leader in sustainable luxury mobility.”

Bentley charging point
Courtesy Bentley

The Bentley Sustainability Council comprises three experts who will accelerate Bentley’s sustainable journey: Dr. Sally Uren, OBE, Chief Executive of Forum for the Future; Dr. Andrew Dent, EVP of Materials Research at Material ConneXion; and Dr. Nicholas Garrett, Co-founder and Director of RCS Global Group.

Serving as an external voice, the Council will bring fresh ideas that challenge and encourage the Beyond100 strategy, which aims to achieve end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030. Working directly with the Bentley Board of Management and the Sustainability Committee, the Council will play a crucial role in guiding the automotive industry through one of its most significant transformations.

The launch of the Sustainability Council and the publication of the Sustainability Report coincide with Bentley’s record-breaking sales year in 2022; the brand’s sales of more than 15,000 cars represented a four percent growth compared to the previous year. Bentley says the sales increase was driven by new model introductions, increased demand for Mulliner personalization, and Bentley’s expansion of hybridized models.

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