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9 Brands Like Reformation to Shop for Sustainable and Feminine Fashion


While Reformation may have set the bar, it’s not the only game in town when it comes to sustainable fashion. There are a number of brands like Reformation worthy of your wardrobe.

“Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option,” reads Reformation’s famous tagline. “We’re #2.” Ok, so it’s not strictly true (hello mending, swapping, thrifting, and resale apps), but it is catchy. And it’s true that Reformation does more than many fashion brands when it comes to using responsibly-sourced materials and treating its garment workers fairly.

But it’s not alone in producing sustainable, conscious, feminine clothing.

If you love Reformation, but you’re looking to switch it up a little, try one of these top-quality brands, all of which offer beautiful patterns, prints, and styles, without costing the earth.

Sustainable fashion brands like Reformation 

1. Faithfull the Brand

Based in Indonesia, Faithfull prioritizes thoughtful, feminine designs, all of which are made by a team of artisans in Bali. It’s a certified B Corp too, so you can trust its commitment to top environmental and social performance standards. We love this lightweight, rayon crepe Tempio Midi Dress, which features a hand-printed Costa Smeralda-inspired pattern. And these stripey Elva Shorts are perfect for long summer days spent by the poolside. 

2. Christy Dawn

If you’re a big fan of cottage core, you’re going to love Christy Dawn. The brand’s floaty, romantic, puff-sleeved dresses (like this Katrina Dress with Blooming Crocus print) are made with not just sustainable cotton, but “regenerative cotton.” It’s called this because the crops used to create it replenish and heal the soil, instead of depleting it of its nutrients. (Most mainstream cotton production causes soil erosion.)

ethical silk

3. Amour Vert

Women-led brand Amour Vert prides itself on using only the best, most sustainable materials, including Tencel’s modal and Lyocell fibers, to make its flowing dresses and classic, wardrobe staple tees, like this Odilia Reverie Slub Tee in vibrant sunflower yellow. But on top of this, it also knows that the key to sustainable clothing consumption is circularity. This is why it offers ReArmour, a resale marketplace where customers can buy and sell old clothing from Amour Vert.

4. Everlane

Back in the early 2010s, Everlane launched onto the market with its simple, top-quality, relatively affordable range of modern basics. Since then, it has been on quite the journey, expanding its offering of fair trade cotton tees to include a selection of staples that will cover all of your wardrobe needs, like these well-fitting, made-to-last yet on-trend Way-High Sailor Jeans, for example. 


5. Nu-in

Just like Reformation, Nu-in’s emphasis is beautiful, sustainably-produced clothing. But its vibe is a little more on the Scandi-chic side than fresh and feminine. That said, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little edge to your wardrobe. If you’re not sure what to pick, you could also try one of the brand’s Mystery Boxes, which compiles surprise discounted styles into one shipment to save on clothing waste. 

6. Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row makes ethical, sustainable style easy. With its simple neutrals and organic cotton capsule collections, you’ll look effortlessly put together all the time, because the brand has done all of the thinking for you. Just like Amour Vert, it also has its own resale platform called Wear It Again Whimsy, where you can sell and buy pre-loved styles from the brand for reduced prices.


7. Spell

Based in Australia, Spell makes sustainable, feminine styles for the modern romantic. So if you like flowing boho dresses (we’re all about the Cha Cha Gown), ruffled mini skirts, and patterned wide-leg pants, this is the brand for you. To help you make a purchase that’s in line with your values, you can search using People + Planet, which filters by categories like “Organic Fibre” and “Artisan Made.”


8. Sisterhood

U.K. brand Sisterhood makes versatile, timeless pieces, designed to fit into multiple occasions so that you can get the very best out of each style. (Noir Daisy, for example, might become your new go-to dress for weddings, summer barbecues, and picnic dates.) When it comes to materials, the brand prioritizes low-impact fabrics, many of which are organic, recycled, or upcycled from deadstock.

with jean

9. With Jéan

When you’re crafting a sustainable clothing collection, it’s important to buy pieces that are ethically produced, made to last, and support your own unique and individual sense of style. That’s where With Jéan comes in. None of its items, like this ultra-feminine, Bridgerton-esque Agnes Corset, are mass produced (à la fast fashion), instead, they’re made by artisan sewers in China, who work in “safe, happy, and comfortable environments.”

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