Our Democracy Hangs In the Balance, So Cue Monica Lewinsky In an Eco Reformation Suit Voter Campaign


Reformation, the Los Angeles-based sustainable clothing label loved by Millennials and Gen Z celebs including Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, and Olivia Rodrigo, has launched a new campaign featuring Gen X icon Monica Lewinsky.

For its new “You’ve Got the Power” campaign, which encourages shoppers to participate in the 2024 elections, Reformation tapped Monica Lewinsky, a writer and handbag designer best known as the former White House intern at the center of the 1998 scandal leading to then-President Bill Clinton’s impeachment inquiry over their sexual relationship. The campaign is Reformation’s third encouraging its customers to vote.

You’ve Got the Power” features Lewinsky, 50, in Reformation’s latest sustainable workwear collection, which includes blazers, skirts, dresses, and bags made from upcycled and sustainable materials. Reformation partnered with Vote.org on a one-stop voting hub that provides resources for voting and reasons why it’s important. A portion of proceeds from sales of the new collection will go to support Vote.org.

Monica Lewinsky for Reformation.
Monica Lewinsky and Reformation want you to vote | Courtesy

“It’s pretty simple: Voting is using our voice to be heard and it’s the most defining — and powerful —aspect of democracy,” Lewinsky told Variety. “Voting is always important, but the stakes are especially high this year with voter frustration and apathy threatening to meaningfully impact turnout. I’m excited and grateful to be working with Reformation to remind people to register, use their voice and vote! A Ref woman is an empowered woman — and an empowered woman uses her voice.”

Lewinsky told Elle that polls show voter frustration and apathy are both up — a trend likely to continue through to the November election as President Biden, 81, faces scrutiny over his age as does former president Donald Trump, 77, likely to become the Republican party nominee. “We all have to be reminding each other that we can’t let that get in the way of needing to vote, that that’s how we use our voice. That’s where our power is,” Lewinsky said.

Monica Lewinsky for Reformation.
Monica Lewinsky wears Reformation’s new workwear | Courtesy

The public revelation of Lewinsky’s affair with President Clinton and her subsequent cooperation with investigators propelled her into the media spotlight where she endured years of jokes and harsh criticisms. But she transformed the public scandal into a platform for advocacy, becoming a leading voice for women’s rights and against cyberbullying. The campaign launches just days before Women’s History Month.

Over the years, Lewinsky has used her experiences of public shaming and the intense scrutiny she faced to highlight the issues of online harassment and the objectification of women in the media. Lewinsky has delivered speeches, participated in anti-bullying campaigns, and contributed to publications, advocating for a more compassionate internet. Her TED talk on public shaming has accrued more than 21 million views. 

Monica Lewinsky for Reformation.
Monica Lewinsky for Reformation | Courtesy

“Monica’s been empowering women to use their voices and feel powerful for a long time, so it just makes sense that she’d help us do the same,” Reformation said in a statement. “And while great clothes won’t fix everything, putting them on and going to the polls is a pretty good place to start.”

Shop the new collection, here.

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