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Want an Electric Car But Not a Tesla? 13 Luxury Car Brands With EVs


Aiming to reduce your carbon footprint and distance yourself from the new Twitter owner? Here’s what to know about buying an electric car from a luxury automaker that isn’t Tesla.

Committing to living a sustainable life is essential for anyone passionate about protecting the planet. While you may already have made a whole host of lifestyle changes to minimize the impact you have on the environment, there is always room for improvement. But just exactly how does an electric car stack up? Let’s take a look.

In recent years, electric vehicles have enjoyed a surge in popularity, according to the International Energy Agency. The industry saw the global electric vehicle stock surpass 10 million—more than a 40 percent increase over 2019 numbers.

electric cars
Courtesy Tesla

Battery-powered EVs make up the bulk of new EV car registrations. “About 3 million new electric cars were registered in 2020,” reports the IEA. “For the first time, Europe led with 1.4 million new registrations. China followed with 1.2 million registrations and the United States registered 295 000 new electric cars.”

Governments are already taking steps to phase out new combustion engine vehicles over the next decade, and there may even be tax credits for switching to an EV—making it even more of an incentive for new-car shoppers.

While the environmental credentials of selecting an electric car are plentiful, it can still be challenging to weigh up the other benefits and find out which electric luxury vehicle is the right choice for you.

Choose the right EV for you

The increase in popularity also means that electric luxury cars have gradually started to become more available. An increase in popularity has also meant that more car manufacturers are designing their own electric offerings to keep up with their competitors. Electric vehicles are now available from most of the major car manufacturers, with many luxury carmakers producing their own electric models. 

Courtesy Audi

The ranges that electric vehicles are capable of covering can vary greatly, but most electric cars can cover hundreds of miles with each charge. Thinking about the type of trips you make most often and how many miles you cover per week will help you make your purchasing decision.

Edmunds recently reported that the new Mercedes-Benz EQS went 422 miles on a full charge. Tesla’s best car, its Model S sedan, averages about 405 miles on a charge. Less expensive Tesla models yield slightly lower miles per charge. The Porsche Taycan pulls 323 miles per charge; the Audi RS e-tron, 285.

But, regardless of how many miles per charge your new car offers, it is still wise to get your own power supply. Having a charging point installed at your house will make life with an electric vehicle so much easier.

As EVs become more popular, many supermarkets and public parking lots offer EV charging stations. These often come with the perk of “reserved” parking too — spots dedicated for EV cars are often located closer to store entrances as well.

Who makes luxury electric cars?

The luxury automotive sector is seeing a surge in EV offerings. These are a number of brands leading the trend with luxury EVs on the market now. And many more have them in the works. Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Aston Martin all have luxury EVs slated to arrive before 2025.

Courtesy Tesla

Can’t wait that long? There are a number of fully electric cars on the market now. Tesla Motors may be the best-known EV brand, but it’s certainly not the only one — and quite possibly not the best for your needs. As noted above, the new Mercedes-Benz EQS pulls a longer range than the Tesla Model S. Porsche’s Taycan has earned high praises as have the Audi e-tron SUVs.

1.Mercedes-Benz: EQS, EQC

2. Lucid: 2023 Air

3. Polestar: all models

4. Volvo: C40 Recharge, EX30

5. GMC: Hummer EV, SUV

6. Audi: E-tron, E-tron GT

7. Jaguar: I-PACE

8. Porsche: Taycan

9. BMW: i3, iX, i4, i8 Roadster

10. Rivian: All models

11. Fisker: All models

12. Genesis: Electrified G80

13. Rolls Royce: Spectre

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