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Kurt Strand’s ‘Silence’ Marks a New Era for Superyachts: Sailing On An 8-Hour Battery, No Sails Needed


Renowned yacht designer Kurt Strand has introduced “Silence,” a 77-meter hybrid superyacht that can run on battery power for eight hours.

Kurt Strand’s 253-foot “Silence” distinguishes itself with the ability to move in total silence for up to eight hours in electric mode.

“You get the same feeling in a sailing yacht but then you need the wind and sailing vessel leans over when sailing,” Strand told The Sun. “The Silence yacht will give you the feeling of being in a floating mansion.”

The Silence Yacht Interior
The Silence Yacht Interior | Courtesy

The Silence builds on Strand’s growing portfolio of sustainable yacht designs, which have included hybrid power system, and hydrogen-fuel-cell generators, as well as eco interiors made with sustainable materials including vegan leather, reclaimed wood, and recycled steel, aluminum, and plastic.

For The Silence interior, Strand tapped Acoya Design House for a design ethos rooted in Scandinavian minimalism and a commitment to sustainable luxury. Acoya is renowned for its sophisticated interior designs; here, the studio took inspiration from nature for the yacht’s interior. The design features a Scandi-chic aesthetic, characterized by a muted color scheme, minimalist Nordic furniture, and an abundance of natural materials and greenery, creating an ambiance that connects its occupants with nature. This design philosophy is expected to become increasingly popular among those seeking a tranquil escape from the fast-paced modern world.

The yacht’s exterior offers a harmonious blend of a robust steel hull and a lightweight aluminum superstructure, presents a visually striking profile.

Silence Yacht bedroom
The Silence Yacht bedroom | Courtesy

“Silence” boasts four luxurious decks, each offering panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive open floorplans. The yacht accommodates up to 14 guests across seven lavish suites and provides quarters for 20 crew members. The highlight of the guest accommodations is the extravagant owner’s suite on the upper deck, which includes a spacious bedroom, an aft terrace with a hot tub, and sun loungers, offering a private sanctuary for the yacht’s owners.

The main deck of “Silence” is centered around a breezy, light-filled lounge that leads to a beach club complete with a pool and lounge area. The sundeck is a masterpiece of design, merging indoor comfort with outdoor relaxation. It features a Jacuzzi, an outdoor cinema, and a dining area that can accommodate 14 guests, along with a sophisticated bar and gaming area.

The yacht also includes a wellness area, a foredeck that doubles as a helipad and can be transformed into a party space or sun lounge, and ample storage for two 10-meter tenders, six Jet Skis, and a variety of water toys.

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