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5 Luxurious Hotels in the South of France Prioritizing Sustainable Stays


Dreaming of a picturesque village vacation? Or perhaps a glamorous few days sipping Champagne on the Riviera? The south of France has it all. If you’re after luxurious sustainability, here are five resorts and hotels to check out.

If your dream trip involves fine wine, long, warm sunny days, delicious food, stunning coastline, and picturesque villages, you can’t beat the south of France. This European hotspot also has a reputation for glamor and luxury, making it the ideal destination for those who want something a little more bougie.

Unfortunately, traveling, whether it’s luxury or not, isn’t always a treat for the environment. The hospitality industry, in particular, is known for producing significant amounts of waste and gobbling up resources. In fact, according to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, just one hotel can use around 1,500 liters per room, per day.

But if you don’t want your indulgent vacation to come at the expense of the planet, there are ways to limit your impact. For example, you can be mindful of the type of foods you consume while you’re away (plant-based foods are more environmentally friendly than meaty options), but also, choosing the right place to stay is key. 

Eco-luxury hotels in France

If you’re planning a trip to the French Riviera or beyond, here are five luxury resorts and hotels to check out, each of which consistently prioritizes sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. 

Terre Blanche

1. Terre Blanche, Tourettes

Just 45 minutes from the scenic, pebbly beaches of Nice sits Terre Blanche, a luxury hotel, spa, and golf resort, which aims to make you feel like you’ve just stepped into the pages of a storybook set in a picturesque Provencal French village. 

The hotel is also committed to an “eco-responsible approach,” and pays great attention to keeping the “balance of nature” on its grounds. One way it does this is by taking care of the forest park of the nearby Château Bouge and maintaining the undergrowth, without disturbing biodiversity, to allow endangered species to thrive. 

hotel hermitage

2. Hôtel Hermitage, Monte-Carlo

If you want to head out for the evening and feel like you’re in a place that just oozes glamor, there’s nowhere quite like Monte Carlo. There are many luxury places to stay in Monaco’s world-famous jewel, but don’t sleep on Hôtel Hermitage.

The luxury hotel is committed to sustainability in many ways and is open about its sustainable development goals. For example, by 2030, it aims to reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent. It’s also committed to conserving potable water resources, waste recycling, and supporting local wildlife and biodiversity projects, which includes local vegetable gardens and bird sanctuaries. 

hotel martinez

3. Hôtel Martinez, Cannes

The home of one of the most famous film festivals in the world, Cannes is basically the French answer to Hollywood. Peruse the upmarket boutiques, check out the star-studded fingerprints of the Walk of Fame, and then relax at the Hôtel Martinez.

The hotel has been certified by sustainable tourism leader Green Globe for 11 years running and is known for always prioritizing its environmental and social responsibilities. For example, it has as an efficient food waste reduction strategy, and every Monday, the hotel donates food to the French homelessness charity Resto du Coeur. 

Les Sources de Caudalie

4. Les Sources de Caudalie, Bordeaux

If you prefer to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the glamorous French cities, then Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux’s wine region in the southwest is well worth a visit. 

This luxury hotel — which is set against a beautiful backdrop of the French countryside — has several environmental commitments in place. For example, it uses a vermicomposter to recycle kitchen plant waste and uses a natural water source below the ground to run its swimming pools and jacuzzi. 

It also has its own organic vegetable garden, always aims to source its food locally, opting for seasonal ingredients, and has chosen to reduce the meat options at its on-site restaurant.

Les Pres d'Eugenie

5. Les Près D’Eugénie, Eugénie des Bains

For a true French countryside experience, check out Les Près D’Eugénie in the southwest. Set amongst an abundance of greenery and alongside the Le Bahus River, you will never want to leave this pretty luxury hotel, part of which is contained inside an 18th-century convent.

Even better, the hotel is committed to “going green.” Its surrounding gardens, which are nourished with compost made with old kitchen greens, aim to provide refuge to vulnerable wildlife and supply the restaurant with fresh, local edible flowers for evening meals. Plus, the latter (a 3 Michelin star restaurant) predominantly uses in-season, local ingredients, and offers an extensive vegetarian menu. 

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