Wednesday, February 21, 2024

How Covid Birthed Cosmoss, Kate Moss’s New Wellness Brand


Kate Moss is the latest celebrity to step into the beauty and wellness arena with Cosmoss—a curated line of skincare and tea items.

The launch of Cosmoss comes after Moss joined Coca-Cola as the Creative Director for the Diet Coke brand. It’s the first time in over a decade the company has put someone in that role. Moss, 48, appeared in the first Diet Coke campaign earlier this summer.

But the supermodel and entrepreneur is targeting another audience with the launch of Cosmoss.

“Cosmoss draws on my life experiences, my journey, and my transformation. Each product has been meticulously crafted with wellbeing in mind and designed to unlock new rituals leading you to find inner balance and love,” Moss said in a statement. 

Moss said the idea cam during lockdown as she reconnected with gardening and flower-pressing, and swimming in nearby watering holes. Cosmoss, according to Moss, celebrates slowing down, self-discovery, and spirituality.

“Using only the purest most potent ingredients, from the Sacred Mist to the exquisite skincare to the uplifting tea blends, every infusion draws on nature to centre and complete you. A story of reconnection from soul to surface. There is a magic to Cosmoss and I can’t wait for you all to uncover it, just as I did,” she added.

The cruelty-free and vegan skincare range includes a mist, cleanser, CBD oil, and cream, priced from £52 to £120.

The collection also includes two teas, Dawn: a morning blend of Pu-Erh, hibiscus, rosemary, bay leaf, rose hips, ginger, nettle, lemongrass, and thyme; and Dusk, which includes chamomile, fennel fruit, hops, pea flower, lemongrass, elderberry, ginger, lemon balm, passiflora, and cinnamon. The teas run £20 for 20 teabags.

The former supermodel heavyweight says the idea for the range came after “a period of reflection” following her career as one of the most sought-after supermodels of all time.

She calls Cosmoss—a play on the word ‘cosmos’—a “collection with a difference” aimed at the mind-body connection, which the teas emphasize.

The Cosmoss website says the brand is a celebration of every day “exactly as it is, with all its imperfections.”

Each product in the collection has been “meticulously crafted with wellbeing in mind,” and a reliance on natural substances. “Each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration, and love; each fragrance and infusion recentres and completes,” reads the website.

“Cosmoss is self-care created for life’s modern journeys to make them beautiful, mesmerising and magical.”

Moss’s launch comes on the heels of British fashion designer Stella McCartney’s latest offering in the beauty space, Stella. Like Cosmoss, it’s a minimalist beauty collection focused on natural ingredients. Actress Scarlett Johannson recently launched a minimalist skincare range called The Outset. And influencer and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian recently revamped her beauty range, giving it a rebrand to Skkn, and eliminating toxic ingredients.

Cosmoss is now available on the brand’s website and at select retailers.


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