Monday, December 11, 2023

Jamaica’s Largest Psilocybin Grower Launches Luxury Retreats


Rose Hill, the leading producer and supplier of high-quality psilocybin products in Jamaica, announced the debut of its holistic luxury wellness program, One Retreats.

Jamaica is one of the only places in the world where the cultivation and consumption of psychedelic mushrooms are legal, making it a significant hub for the psilocybin industry.

Emerging as Jamaica’s largest lawful, organic psilocybin producer and the world’s first legal exporter, Rose Hill has been growing and developing multiple varieties of psychedelic mushrooms since 2015.

Rose Hill has been contributing to research and clinical trials through a partnership with Mydecine Innovations Group. This alliance enabled the first legal international export of psilocybin in March 2021.

The psilocybin retreats build on Rose Hill’s inaugural launch this past June in West End Negril. One Retreats’ psychedelic sessions are overseen by trained psilocybin therapists and medical professionals.

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Psilocybin mushrooms Courtesy Mushroom Tao

“Our first retreat was extremely special as we had the honor to work with a group of veterans seeking an alternative form of medicine,” Kevin Bourke, Rose Hill Co-founder/Managing Partner, Chief Marketing and Branding Officer, said in a statement.

“Generations have turned to psilocybin and other mushroom variations for their immense potential to heal, and One is our commitment to offer access to much-needed medicine,” Bourke said.

Having supplied psilocybin to various retreats since 2018, Rose Hill says it has set the highest standards for psychedelic-assisted wellness programs in Jamaica and across the globe.

A weeklong stay at the all-inclusive One Retreats includes meals prepared by private chef, group meditation, yoga, beach hikes, bike rides and more.

Along with the retreat announcement, Rose Hill has also introduced its latest psilocybin product, the vegan Patoo gummy.

“We created Patoo to give those in search of lab-tested, naturally derived wellness product options at accessible price points,” said Charles Lazarus, Rose Hill’s Co-founder/Managing partner, Chief of Cultivation and Production. “We hope that a well-respected and recognized brand like Patoo will further lift the stigma associated with psychedelics and create the much-needed legitimacy this industry needs.”

Rose Hill is currently seeking a manufacturing and services license in Oregon, the only U.S. state where therapeutic use of psilocybin is legalized..

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