Monday, December 11, 2023

Jean Dousset Unveils Flagship Boutique, Marking a New Era in Luxury Lab-Grown Diamonds


As demand for lab-grown diamonds continues to rise, visionary designer Jean Dousset opens his first flagship Los Angeles showroom.

Jean Dousset, the trailblazing lab-grown diamond jewelry designer, has opened his inaugural flagship boutique on La Cienega Boulevard, in the heart of West Hollywood. The boutique marks a momentous shift for the designer and establishes the Jean Dousset brand as a hallmark of luxury heritage in the domain of lab-grown diamond jewelry.

“Timing, confidence, and opportunity converged as we proudly unveil our first flagship boutique, marking the culmination of my transformative journey as a designer and a total paradigm shift in the global diamond industry,” Dousset said in a statement. “With a physical retail presence, consumers can see the perfection of designer lab diamonds firsthand while adding that experiential element in acquiring the diamond jewelry they desire.”

Inside Jean Dousset's first LA boutique
Inside Jean Dousset’s first LA boutique | Courtesy

Dousset founded the eponymous label in 2010; this year, he expanded the label’s assortment and announced a shift to solely offering lab-grown diamond jewelry and engagement rings. Jean, alongside a dedicated team of diamond specialists, hand-picks diamonds that embody the pinnacle of excellence in cut, polish, symmetry, and light-reflection properties.

Not unlike the diamonds offered by Dousset, the new location aims to transport patrons into a world where art meets craftsmanship. Every facet of the boutique, from the structured steel facade that mirrors the multifaceted allure of diamonds to the captivating undulating walls and expertly sculpted plaster table, attests to the brand’s unyielding commitment to luxury and quality.

The boutique’s structure reshaped the physical space with a series of custom displays, a discovery wall that brings focus to the prominent engagement ring designs. A heritage wall stands as a living testament to the rich lineage of the brand, with snapshots of Cartier founder Louis Cartier — Dousset’s great-great-grandfather — and significant milestones showcasing the brand’s evolution, fostering a symbiotic relationship between artisanship and innovation.

Rebecca Rudolph, Co-Founder of Design, Bitches, the architecture firm orchestrating the boutique’s design, said the collaboration was “liberating.”

Jean Dousset and his great-great-grandfather Louis Cartier | Courtesy

“We developed a new way to work, inspired by his passion for design, [Dousset’s] quest to push the boundaries of craft, and his drive to break down the barriers surrounding luxury spaces,” she said.

Promising an enriched and personalized shopping experience, the boutique offers individual appointments within a secluded back salon where clients can craft their dream diamond engagement rings. Meanwhile, the front and wall displays unfold a vast repertoire of bridal and everyday diamond jewelry, bringing visitors an intimate touch-and-feel experience.

In synchrony with the boutique’s launch, Jean Dousset is set to introduce its High Jewelry collection, adding a veneer of exclusivity and elegance to its offerings. This collection embodies a world of dimensionality, where each piece, be it fashion rings or necklaces, promises to make a striking impression from every angle.

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