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Lewis Hamilton Launches Almave, the World’s First Super Premium Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit


Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One champion and entrepreneur, has joined forces with Casa Lumbre Co-Founder and Master Distiller Iván Saldaña to unveil Almave — the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic blue agave spirit.

“It’s finally here,” Lewis Hamilton wrote in an Instagram post announcing the launch of Almave.

“Almave is for people like myself, who are always pushing the limits of whats [sic] possible, who enjoy the taste of tequila but are focused on balance, longevity, and living fully,” the F1 driver wrote.

While Hamilton has long favored tequila, he recognized the need for an alternative. Identifying a gap in the market, he partnered with the Mexican spirits innovator Casa Lumbre to create an authentic product that honors the traditional process and craftsmanship of tequila in a non-alcoholic form.

“I’m excited to introduce people to Almave,” Hamilton said in a statement. “There’s a huge appetite for quality alternatives for those times when people don’t want to drink alcohol but also don’t want to compromise on flavor, which is why it was important that our product includes agave to reflect the taste of conventional tequila. I think it tastes amazing, and what we have created is unlike anything else on the market, so I can’t wait to see what you all think.”

The collaboration is rooted in innovation, driven by a shared commitment to authenticity and quality, which the collaborators say delivers a truly exceptional product. Almave comes in two distinct expressions: Almave Ámbar Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit, ideal for sipping, and Almave Blanco Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit, crafted for mixing.

Almave Ámbar Blue Agave Spirit boasts notes of roasted blue agave, sweet caramel, and toasted wood. It’s perfect for savoring on its own or as a star ingredient in a cocktail. Almave Blanco Blue Agave Spirit offers the purest expression of blue agave, with balanced sweetness and acidity, making it an ideal choice for mixing in a margarita or your preferred tequila cocktail.

Almave sets itself apart by using the coveted Blue Agave, the same raw material as tequila, sourced from the same region in Mexico. However, Almave diverges by omitting the fermentation process that transforms the liquid into alcohol. Consequently, Almave is not classified as tequila (a protected denomination in Mexico) but as a Blue Agave Spirit. This distinction allows consumers to savor the fresh and distinctive agave taste and character without the alcohol content. Almave is versatile, and suitable for both sipping and enhancing your favorite cocktails.

Iván Saldaña, co-founder, and master distiller, emphasized the commitment to maintaining the essence of tequila production in Almave Blue Agave Spirit: “While Almave Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit is not a tequila, we are immensely proud of how we are leading the non-alcoholic category in staying true to the production and craft of making tequila, specifically the use of real agave and distillation. While there are faster ways, we could not imagine a worthwhile non-alcoholic spirit without it. So, using our deep knowledge and spirit of discovery, we created Almave Blue Agave Spirit.”

Hamilton joins a growing roster of celebrity-backed spirits and zero-ABV brands. In the non-alcoholic sector, Bella Hadid and Katy Perry both have offerings, Kin Euphorics and De Soi, respectively. The agave-based spirits market is dominated with celebrity offerings, from Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s Dos Hombres mezcal.

almave blue agave zero ABV spirit
Lewis Hamilton, Casa Lumbre and Copper Introduce Almave – The First Super Premium Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit

Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, are also venturing into the world of spirits with a unique take on tequila. The couple recently launched Pantalones Organic Tequila, aiming to inject a dose of merriment and organic certification into the tequila market.

Manufactured at the certified organic Tequilera Tap distillery in Amatitan, Jalisco, the same location where Tres Agaves tequila is made, Pantalones Organic Tequila offers three variants. These include a Blanco priced at $39.99, a Reposado at $44.99 which is aged for nine months, and an Añejo at $49.99 that is aged for 15 months.

Starting today, you can join the waitlist for Hamilton’s Almave Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit on the Almave website. It will be available for purchase beginning Thursday, October 26, 2023. The product will later roll out to retailers and bars across the United States and select international regions in 2024. Almave Ámbar will retail at $39.99 per 700ml bottle, and Almave Blanco will retail at $35.99 per 700ml.

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