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Patricia Bragg, Health Food Pioneer, Dies at 94


Patricia Bragg, the vibrant California native and spirited health food pioneer who helmed Bragg Live Food Products for decades, has passed away at age 94.

Born Patricia Pendleton on April 29, 1929, in the Bay Area, the health food advocate spent her childhood in the Oakland Hills and Piedmont before making Southern California her home. Renowned as a West Coast woman, Bragg was enthralled by California’s multifaceted landscape and agricultural richness from a young age.

Patricia became a part of the celebrated Bragg family in 1952 through marriage to Robert C. Bragg, son of health food pioneer Paul Bragg, who founded the Bragg Live Products company in 1912. The Bragg company is known for its healthful products including apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, cookbooks, and other healthy products.

While her marriage to Robert Bragg didn’t last, Patricia embarked on a decades-long career as a groundbreaking woman in wellness, co-hosting live lectures, radio broadcasts, and television shows alongside her former father-in-law. They also co-authored books promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Patricia would go on to helm the Bragg company and travel the world sharing her health wisdom and inspiration.

Identified as a ‘health crusader,’ Patricia’s zest for life shone through her words and deeds. “Age is a number, and mine is unlisted!” she would often declare, radiating health and beauty. A well-traveled woman, she spread her forward-thinking, eco-friendly approach to holistic health across vibrant coastal communities including Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia.

Patricia Bragg talks with Whole Foods magazine at Natural Products Expo in 2016

Under Patricia’s stewardship, Bragg emerged as a leading natural consumer packaged goods brand, celebrated for its famous apple cider vinegar, drinks, spices, and other products. Celebrities including Madonna and Katy Perry have been vocal supporters of the brand. Taking over Bragg Live Foods in the 1970s, she served as its Chief Executive Officer until retiring in 2019 at the age of 90. Her leadership saw the diversification of the product line with best-selling items including nutritional yeast — a vegan kitchen staple.

Bragg’s bright personality was as colorful as her wardrobe. Whether attracting autograph seekers at the annual Natural Products Expo or dancing down Santa Barbara streets in her iconic pink cowboy hat, her effervescent presence was felt by all who met her.

An ardent environmental advocate, Patricia’s philanthropy extended to local food pantries, animal shelters, wildlife preservation, and nutrition education. Her commitment to leaving a better world continued until her final years, inspiring those around her to live their best life while also doing good for the planet.

Patricia Bragg
Patricia Bragg | Courtesy

“Our team at Bragg Live Foods will forever be in awe of Patricia and her profound legacy of transforming the lives of millions through natural health and wellbeing,” shares Linda Boardman, Bragg Live Foods’ current Chief Executive Officer. “As we continue her mission to spread wellness wisdom and help individuals live their happiest and healthiest lives, we’re extremely grateful for the strong foundation she built through determination and persistence.”

Longtime associate, friend, and Bragg board member, Lesley Tippitt praises Patricia as a “fearless leader, a pioneer in the Natural Foods Industry, and way ahead of her time.”

Andrew Richards, Bragg’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, also acknowledges her vision, stating, “Everyone she met was touched by her passion for health and positivity. Bragg Live Foods will continue to honor her work as a steward of her amazing legacy.”

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