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Pernod Ricard Debuts Zero-ABV Beefeater 0.0% Gin: ‘An Elevated Option’


Dry January gets a bump from Pernod Ricard, which has introduced Beefeater 0.0%, a non-alcoholic alternative to its classic gin.

The new Beefeater offering comes in the middle of the increasingly popular Dry January campaign as an answer to the increasing consumer trend toward health-conscious choices and a growing interest in zero-ABV drinks. The strategic move by Pernod Ricard taps into a segment of the market that prefers non-alcoholic options without compromising on taste and quality.

Beefeater 0.0%

Launching initially in Spain, followed by Portugal, Beefeater 0.0%, produced at Pernod Ricard’s factory in Thuir, France, is set to be available in various sales channels, including on-site and off-site premises and e-commerce platforms. Priced at €15.34 (about $17) for a 70cl bottle, this non-alcoholic spirit embodies the essence of the traditional London gin but without alcohol.

Murielle Dessenis, Global Marketing Vice President of Gins at Pernod Ricard, highlighted the shift in consumer behavior towards more health-conscious decisions. “Mindful consumption is a growing trend as consumers become more health-conscious. As a consequence, they are changing the way in which they drink or socialize with others,” she said in a statement.

Beefeater gin
Beefeater Gin | Courtesy

In an interview with Just Drinks, spokesperson for Pernod Ricard emphasized the company’s commitment to inclusivity in social settings, regardless of alcohol preference. “We truly believe in conviviality, whether you choose to drink alcohol or not, and we are proud to be bringing to the no-alcohol category an elevated option, removing the need to compromise or miss out on the occasion. Beefeater 0.0% is our very first zero-alcohol expression, which captures the energy of our timeless London classic but without the alcohol.”

Seagram’s 0.0%

Beefeater’s foray into the non-alcoholic sphere isn’t the first. It previously introduced a lighter version in Spain known as Beefeater Light, which contains 20% alcohol by volume. The launch of Beefeater 0.0% follows a similar path to Seagram’s 0.0%, another non-alcoholic beverage introduced by Pernod Ricard in Spain last January. That launch marked the French conglomerate’s debut into the no-alcohol sector in the country.

Christian Seel, Pernod Ricard’s Marketing Director in Spain, emphasized the product’s appeal, saying at the time that the Seagram’s 0.0% provides a “perfect alternative for anyone wanting to enjoy Seagram’s 100% character but now with 0% alcohol.”

Seagram's 0.0%
Seagram’s 0.0% | Courtesy

Spain has been a pioneer in the low/non-alcohol category, introducing lighter variants such as Beefeater Light and Ballantine’s Light, which have alcohol by volumes (ABVs) of 20%. These products respond to the ‘quiet drink’ trend, catering to consumers who seek to moderate their alcohol intake without completely abstaining.

A spokesperson for Pernod Ricard highlighted the significance of Spain in this market segment. “Spain is a mature market which started two years ago to work on the low/non-alcohol category, being the first country to launch the ‘light’ category with Beefeater Light and Ballantine’s Light references in order to answer to the growing ‘quiet drink’ trend,” they explained. They further added that Seagram’s, one of the most popular gin brands in Spain and experiencing significant growth in the category, is ideally positioned to lead this new venture.

The zero-ABV market

The low- and no-alcohol spirits market is gaining traction globally. According to GlobalData, the market value of these products stood at $143 million in 2021, up from $74 million in 2017. This sector is projected to exceed $200 million by 2026, indicating a ten-year CAGR of 10.45 percent.

GlobalData also reports that 16 percent of consumers worldwide are actively trying to reduce their alcohol intake, leading to a surge in the demand for no- or low-alcohol alternatives. This moderation trend is particularly pronounced among younger consumers. In the U.K., for example, nearly 20 percent of millennials are attempting to cut down on alcohol, compared to 12 percent of all U.K. consumers.

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